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02.12.2019 08:59
What is growth Antworten

What is growth? We are growing every moment from birth. However, what kind of "growth" is considered to be true growth? "Success" is success, "growth" means growing up Cheap Cigarettes, and growth means growing up continuously and successfully. So how did you grow up successfully? Will I make a meal? Can I travel alone? Or have you made progress in your studies? In my opinion, this is all growth. Growth is progressing, progressing for myself and for others. Growing is not just for myself, but for the convenience of others to remember that time. I was going to participate in a Go game Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but because time is not coincident, my family has no time. I had no choice but to go to the competition alone. Accustomed to the concern and comfort words of the family, when they came out of the arena, they could not help looking at the corner of the hall, but it was not my family who sat there. I got used to it slowly. I would talk and laugh with my peers in the same game. I would also record the game record silently by myself. I also developed a good habit of drinking water regularly. In the lobby, I argued fiercely with my companions for the study of chess records. I was no longer timid because my family was not present. I didn't feel comfortable enough to adapt myself to participate in the game. This is part of my growth. The bigger the game is, the more the game experience is constantly increasing, I understand the winning percentage, and the records on the chessboard are getting denser and denser. The whole paper is full of analysis Newport Cigarettes. I will clenched my fists as I grow, I know that the higher the rank, the harder it is to grow up. It is a process of slowly adapting. In the process, there will inevitably be setbacks and difficulties. We can only grow better if we are brave to face setbacks and dare to overcome difficulties. So I want to say: Growth-is the step where you have never tried before, but dare to go out bravely
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