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02.12.2019 08:59
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I believe that everyone has growth Wholesale Cigarettes, but the meaning of growth is different. Growth is a happy thing for me, because I have to face the setbacks bravely, and my growth is ... on a sunny morning My mother said, "Take me to the park for a walk." At the time, I was still asleep. My mother saw that I was not awake, and put me at home. My mother went for a walk in the park. After my mother walked for a while Marlboro Gold, I I woke up unknowingly, but when I saw that my mother was n��t at home, I was really scared, but I still called my mother, but no matter how many calls I made, my heart would change again. It became a sadness to find her mother. But I was not afraid, my heart kept saying: Mom, where have you been? Why didn't I come back, but my mother didn't come back after waiting for more than two hours at home, but as soon as I opened the door, it wasn't my mother. I cried at that time, and my wet eyes became more and more red. I called my mother again, and she finally picked me up and asked her, "Where have you been?" My mother said, "I'm at work," and then I asked, "Why did you leave me alone at home?" My mother said; "This is an opportunity to exercise your growth. Only when you overcome all difficulties is not difficult, you will learn to grow." I asked my mother: "Am I growing up today?" Mom said: " Not only did you grow up, you also gained the knowledge of growth. Before that I did n��t know what growth meant, but now I know that growth means that we can overcome all difficulties, learn to grow up in difficulties, stand strong and brave Feeling growth is a stage that everyone has to go through. I have grown up now, and I feel that growth is a very happy and joyful thing. I also realized that growth requires various efforts and continuous improvement. Work hard even if it is hard.
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