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23.11.2019 10:01
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 26020ST.OO.D001IN.02 Chronograph Steel Fake watch Antworten

high quality replica watches In the modern watchmaking industry, many complex problems that were once difficult to manufacture (and therefore very expensive) have gradually become less and less. Watch brands are increasingly making use of industrial manufacturing methods to make complex products like video games and perpetual calendars cheaper than ever before, out of the desire to provide consumers with better value (and the greater pressure they face when the buying boom in the early 21st century is slowing down). However, there are still some complex factors that hinder this trend, one of which is micro repeater. Repeaters are not getting cheaper. On the contrary, the trend can be seen in repeaters. They are becoming more and more the place where brands display their highest expertise, and the price is correspondingly higher. One of the latest watches to fall into this category is Audemars Piguet's "supersonnerie," a crossover repeater produced eight years ago that aims to offer a range of technological improvements that the associated press believes will make it the best repeater in the world for sound quality. (the term "sonnerie" is most commonly used for a Grande sonnerie watch, which is struck by time rather than on demand; however, a term used alone may also refer to a repeater that is struck on demand. It may be confusing to use "sonnerie" here, so we should clarify that super sonnerie is a minute transponder, not a big sonnerie.) Understanding the cause helps to understand what the frequency divider is and how it works. The frequency divider is a watch that can tell the time "on demand", that is to say, it will ring when you tell it. Normally, when you push the slider to the side of the box, the repeater will pop up. The slide will roll up a spring to drive the piling operation. A classic minute second repeater will sound two gongs: one on pitch and one on pitch. The bell struck a low Gong. The quarter hour after an hour is indicated by the ringing of the gong. The bell struck a higher Gong.

There is a complex system composed of gears, cams and levers in the transponder every minute, which constitutes the complexity of the transponder every minute. The main complication of the micro copier is to read the time mechanically from the position of the hand and then time. Minute repeater is not a new complex phenomenon at all. It basically exists in its modern form in the era of Breguet.

Abraham Louis Breguet was also fascinated by repeating watches for a long time. In 1783, he invented the first striking repeating watch operated by a gong rather than a clock, which was not widely used until then. Initially straight, cross mounted on the back plate, the Gong turns into a circle, circling around the movement.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Its advantage is to greatly reduce the thickness of the eye-catching watch, while making the tone more harmonious and clear. This is a very useful invention, which was immediately adopted by most of the contemporary clock manufacturers. Breguet also invented a variety of percussion mechanisms for repeating watches, especially in the quarter, fifth and fifth minutes. As in the era of Breguet, modern watchmakers face some challenges: making the repeater as loud as possible, but also making it sound pleasant. In addition, repeaters can chime at different rhythms, depending on how they are adjusted, and watches that chime too fast or too slow may sound uncomfortable. Perhaps more complicated than anything else, the one minute repeater requires the watchmaker to understand the watch as a whole, because the quality of sound is closely related to the structure of the case and dial.

The first step is to analyze the sound produced by the repeater so as to have a solid and objective basis for change and improvement. Traditionally, repeaters tune and optimize sound through the ears. Today, however, it is difficult to find a watchmaker with the necessary timbre (which is almost impossible, Julio Papi said in a discussion at APRP), so having a sound profile with the best sound characteristics is a necessary start.

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