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14.11.2019 08:15
The brush of the years Antworten

The brush of the years, the mother's black hair is whitened one by one, touching the texture of the years, some hard, and some soft. Looking back on the love of my mother for sixteen years, it is like a cup of clear coffee, bitter and intriguing. The mother is a man who has suffered through hardships. She is poor and kind, since she was a child. Although she never speaks, she is hardworking and pragmatic. As I grow older, my pursuit of material life is getting higher and higher. Therefore, the burden on my mother's shoulders is getting heavier and heavier. At that time, my father was in poor health and basically couldn��t do heavy work. I couldn��t remember how many nights I was on the window sill and looked at the tired figure of my mother��s late return. At that time, I thought, I wish I could When I grow up, I can share some housework for my mother and make my mother feel relaxed and happy. The mother is too tired and too bitter Marlboro Cigarettes. When I was twelve years old, my father's condition deteriorated and he was lying in bed. Although the mother did not leave, the bed was carefully looked after, but Dad still lived in the hospital and soon passed away. In the face of this sudden change, my little child who didn��t know what to do was not sure how to be good. I was completely beaten. And the mother guards his father's body as a sculpture, and how to comfort others, still does not help. At that time, I thought again, I hope that I can grow up soon, so that my mother can open a pair of solid arms that know the cold and the warmth. Looking at me all day, I was languid. One day, my mother said to me in a sign language: "I don't want you to be rich in the future. As long as you are safe and healthy, study hard, and be a useful person, I will be content." I was deeply touched by me. When I worked hard to reach my mother��s wish, I went to find a very rich man for my mother to marry. At first I didn��t agree with it, and my mind was filled with it. The academic performance has also plummeted. But after calming down, I began to figure it out slowly. Instead of letting my mother and I continue to suffer, it would be better to let my mother go to a comfortable life. My mother has not enjoyed any blessings in this family. I hope that she will be able to eat and drink without worry, no worries, and a happy life Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Nowadays, although my mother is no longer around Marlboro Red, her love for me is like an old man, more and more rich and fragrant. Every time I faced the wall of the hollow hole, I pretended that my mother hadn��t left yet. I shouted and screamed, looking over and over again, but even though I was hoarse and looking around every corner of my home, my mother��s skinny figure Can only flash in my dreams. I want to say to my mother, because I have you, so I am not lonely, you are the whole of my life, no matter past, present, or future. I have never felt inferior because of your flaws. In my heart, you are the most beautiful mother in the world. "Mom!" "Mom!" Did you hear your daughter's call? Do you know that your daughter misses you every day? Let the wind of my hometown send me my call; let the wind of my hometown take my wishes for you - "Mom, thank you! Now I have grown up, I have been able to take care of myself, you can rest assured Well, I must be self-reliant and become a solid arm that you can rely on to accompany you through the rest of your life."
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