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14.11.2019 08:15
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Even if we send a thousand text messages, the distance between us will not be nearly one centimeter. The sky was dark, and I sat at the window, watching the autumn wind blowing the rolling leaves, and remembering the sky. When I was eight years old, I caught a cockroach and thought I could catch the whole summer. At that time, we were too naive. For example, we agreed to be good friends forever, but now, people go to the building, leaving me alone waiting for your return. You and I are not a local person, you will come here every weekend. Even though we spent so little time, we are still the best friends Cigarettes Online. You are one year older than me, you always take care of me, no matter what I want you will try to meet my needs. You always laugh at me, I am only one year younger than you, but you are like me as a parent, and your way of speaking has made me remember so much, as if everything was yesterday. Later, we all grew up. It seems that we don't know how to express this kind of emotion. Slowly, we disappear into each other's world. This disappearance is a few years. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I had to go online several times to know your contact information, and I couldn't wait to get in touch with you. I opened your space and looked at your movements. You have a good time. The friends around you have changed again and again, but there is always no shadow in my presence Carton Of Cigarettes. It is like a calm lake, as quiet as a stagnant water, without traces, and the slightest ripples have not been opened. After I got your contact information, we talked a few more words. After all, I still talked to you as a strange netizen. You told me about your life at the screen Wholesale Cigarettes. I was tangled at the screen. In the end, do you want to tell me who I am... After a few days, you deleted my "unfamiliar netizen" from the list of friends, when you click the "confirm delete" button, I know We are no longer the one we used to be. May we shine in the years when we can't see each other.
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