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05.09.2019 09:35
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This winter, the first heavy snow in the past few years, it is particularly cold, I don��t know how, my grandmother, who has always been physically strong, is lying on the bed. Seeing that winter is about to pass, spring is coming. Grandma��s condition suddenly deteriorated. In the end, her old man still did not wait until spring, and he went to another world by himself. My dearest grandmother left me forever. This sudden loss of memory made me unacceptable. In retrospect, my favorite thing to do was to sit in front of my grandmother's small yard, blowing the wind, and admiring the fields in front of the courtyard while chatting with my grandmother. Talk about this, talk about it, every time there seems to be a lot of words. But now, these can only remain in memory forever. With the increase of academics, the number of grandparents has become less and less. It seems that it has been a long time since the last time. I have forgotten the specific days. I did not expect that this time, it was the last trip to send grandma. The black and white portrait was hung in the center of the main hall Online Cigarettes. She was on the portrait. Her face was extremely serene and came to the grandmother's room. It was crowded with people. The grandfather, who had rarely seen before, was now in the room. They sat on the grandmother's bed, burying their heads and crying, and they kept thinking about the grandmother's name and expressed disappointment. The solemn spirit hall, the snoring broke the calm of the past. The squad, the wreath of the yard, and the white lanterns swaying in the wind. A person in the yard, crying sobbing, with a lot of clear feelings. That morning, I got up very early. The first thing I did was to stay in front of my grandmother's bed and watch her all the time. I wanted to see more at the end. I hold the grandmother's weather-beaten hand tightly Marlboro Gold, remembering that when I was a child, my grandmother was like this, holding my hand and walking on the path in the field. Grandma, grandmother. In the end, I still couldn��t help my grandmother��s thoughts. I cried out loud for a long time. My mother found me in the room. ��Why don��t you go out, stay here, why��s it.�� Mom Ready to pull me away, when my hand just touched my arm, I slammed it hard. My mother��s anger suddenly came up, blushing, and shouting loudly: ��People are dead, and what is the use for so long, people can��t resurrect. Come on.�� I��m so hard. Pulling out the door and getting out of the door, I suddenly folded back and put it on my grandmother's ear and said softly. Grandma, goodbye. The band��s performance sounded and the funeral was held grandly. Grandma was carried into the coffin. She wore a wide shroud, which was completely out of proportion to her skinny body. After a few hours, everything I did was done. Burn money, hoe, and earth. The atmosphere in the courtyard suddenly changed, only laughter. People eat, drink, laugh, guess, play, and lively. Mom came back and forth and was entertained by the guests. Everyone had a "happy" afternoon until the evening, and the relatives went home. Suddenly deserted, I feel a little uncomfortable. In the dead of night, looking up at the sky, I suddenly remembered my grandmother. I don't know if she still has a habit in heaven Marlboro Lights. Suddenly I saw a flashing star in the sky. I thought that it must have been changed by the grandmother. She had been watching me feel a little thirsty and went to the kitchen to pour a glass of water. When passing through the parents' room, they found that they were still lit, and there were voices from time to time. I clung to the door and tried hard to hear the conversations in the room to get rid of all the expenses. We also earned six or seven hundred. Mom said with joy.
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