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05.09.2019 09:35
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In some time, some things can become unrecognizable, and some things are not moving. For example, in those years, old photos that belong only to us are sometimes often thought of, what life left for me in the time of passing away, What good times have you passed by in those years? Are the old books that were bought in the years and then turned over and yellowed in the corner? It��s still the time when I��ve been together from the stranger to the familiar, then mad, and the old friends and old friends are all right. I��m used to picking up old things, like looking for something, and thinking about what I left for myself. Like old photos. It was a sweltering summer, and I was dressed in a cool picture but still complained of the hot weather Wholesale Cigarettes. It was a graduation season. Yes, it was Zhang��s graduation photo waiting for the photographer to wash the photos out. I waited for more than two weeks, but I think that the work of the eleven classes in the school is quite big. So in the days of waiting, the people in our entire class are full of joy and expectation. I don��t know what it is, is it the upcoming farewell that makes us cherish this unique memory? However, when the photos are washed out and distributed to everyone's hands, they are gone. Who and who are laughing too cautiously, who and who seems to have mischievous eyes closed, who and who ... that is the last time we left in the short June, the mutual disappointment, followed by the test The tears flowed in the face and cherished each other, and each of them felt that they had never found the class people so cute and so good. And it was a golden autumn, and I was wearing a long skirt that I wouldn��t wear in the photo. It was a school season, yes, it was a rare landscape. At that time, it was also the poem, and the weather was late. Meet the newly-recognized new girlfriends at the foot of Fenghuang Mountain. On the poetic avenue, I changed my mind to a light blue dress that only passed once before. It was given by old friends, maybe everyone It��s all like this. At some point, I want to do something, just like me, I want to wear that dress on that day to take the photo. Perhaps everything in high school has become cumbersome, and I have not noticed the passing of time. For more than three weeks, I forgot to remind me like I used to, waiting for photos very calmly, and I was a little excited and didn��t know the effect. What will happen, but the girlfriends show off the shooting ability several times. So I waited for a long time, a beautifully produced album came to my hand, and the page turned over. The man was wearing a light blue dress, standing still under the leaves, and the wind would lift the skirt slightly like a fairy tale. The scene that happened, quiet and beautiful, is me, I feel strange. Those photos of those years have captured a lot of different my shadows Carton Of Cigarettes. Maybe it��s really time to remind people. The young girl of that year has become a young girl who is now young and young. Gradually, some things are Changed, just like the picture, like the scenes in the photos, mountains, water, people, gradually yellowing becomes blurred, but across the transparent paper, it seems to have returned to the past. And some things are still motionless, that is, the photos are either smiling or laughing or laughing. Every photo on me, I have never forgotten to laugh and notice that I have always been optimistic that I will be called to enjoy life Marlboro Lights. People, I also feel that I am not an easy-going pessimist, but I will occasionally be lonely and have what I have, and I am saddened by what I have lost. People will be like me. If you are not a fish, your memory will not be only seven seconds. You will occasionally think of the things of those years to see me in the photo, meet the light, and smile more brilliantly. I hope that those years, I will not let the future I feel sorry to go on, I hope that in the future, I will not let those years feel sad, do not easily forget who is laughing in the rushing years.

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