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03.09.2019 08:18
Best fake U-Boat CAPSOIL CHRONO SS 8111 watches Antworten

U-Boat CAPSOIL CHRONO SS 8111 Replica watch

When it comes to large metal U-Boat Watches replica, the U-Boat U 1001 has a titanium width of up to 55mm. The metal case is cut very well and the titanium has a very smooth sandblasting feeling. The whole case is about brand details and watch information. Read the back and sides of your watch to see everything you want to know. The name U 1001 refers to the fact that water-proof is 1001 meters. Basically it's the same as the 1000m diving meter, but they decided to add another meter to the title. Watch test results usually exceed the required waterproof performance, so technically, adding extra meters does not mean anything - all parts of the built-in depth level oscillate. This watch is limited to 1001 pieces (about 333 pieces in each color) and comes with dials of various colors. Here you have a lovely blue hand and some hour indicators. Despite the fashionable dial design, the complete watch name is the fashionable appearance, and it is a very practical diving purpose - given that it is a diving theme watch. The U-Boat U 1001 watches have no lume at all because they look great in the dark.

It has more diving functions, such as helium escape valve under the crown, but again, how can you dive with a best swiss replica watches you can't see underwater? Maybe it's good for the sunny water of the theme. In that case, go deep into my friends. Speaking of helium relief valves, the quality and smoothness of large connecting caps and surrounding components are excellent. Processing is good, each can run normally without any problems. I'm glad to see that U-Boat guarantees the high quality of the whole watch at the price of this watch. Finally, even if the watch is silly, it is still well made and well designed. Under the super crown cap is the actual crown - by contrast, it's very small. The crown is tightened, so is the crown. I just found that kind of humour. So much water-proof and safe!

The dial of the dial is matte black, and the blue hour indicator under the dial. You'll see synthetic rubies on the core - the logo of many U-Boat watches. The position of the diagonally aligned date window shows how small the movement is in a very large case. Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic chain-up machine core is used inside the wrist watch. The rugged core for the diving watch may be a little too small for this situation (it may be a little too cheap for watches worth more than $6,000).

This fake swiss watches has an adjustable rubber strap and a titanium end on one side - it has a good style and makes a giant watch wearable. You can see the U-Boat name sculpture of butterfly deployment on titanium. You see the U 1001 logo again in deployment - indicating that U-Boat wants to show you how many custom parts are in this limited edition watch series.

Does U-Boat U 1001 remind you of fishing? It has no lustrous bait like a fish. It's not as ugly as fish, but it's as deep as fish. Although I think fishing can go deeper. Fishermen's fish look terrible, but they're actually small fish, you know? Size can deceive. If it sees it underwater, it may swim from the U 1001, because the watch may be bigger than it! For a tattoo-like style, U-Boat carved a fishing line on the back of the watch and on the crazy case (which I will do). It's a good little touch, it's all style, it doesn't make much sense. Although it's a cool image.

The current situation. This large (very heavy) case device almost makes the watch feel valuable. Made of aluminium, the case looks like the submarine itself. Again, you'll see sculptured fishing and a thick porthole with circular crystal lenses. Watches can stare at you as safe as you are in the ocean. It's an important part of the bell show. U-Boat makes you feel very special about receiving it. I have never had a more lasting impression of the watch display box. I think the U-Boat costs almost as much as the watch itself.

To have the privilege of one of these limited edition fashion watches at U-Boat, you need about $6,800 and a lot of bets. Fans of the brand can easily swallow them up, and those who want to make people like it will also be attracted by the U 1001 in 2005. Can it add something interesting to your collection? Is it painful to wear and provide limited functionality every day? Yes. For all the nonsense I gave this watch, I still like to wear U-Boat CAPSOIL CHRONO SS 8111 Replica watch on my wrist, and it becomes particularly fashionable in the process, even though I don't know why.

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