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12.06.2018 06:24
12V SLA battery questions. Antworten


I have a battery problem. They're DOA in a scooter that's a Christmas present. Currie Technologies is shipping new ones out, but they won't be here till after Christmas. This isn't an insurmountable problem as there are numerous Batteries Plus outlets around town that have 12V batteries with the correct dimentions, and I'd planned on picking up a second set anyway for quick changeout. The problem is the simple series wiring harness that connects the batteries into a 24V series and contains the attachment to the scooter is soldered onto the battery leads. They're slip on type leads, but someone thought it would be a good idea to melt a bunch of solder on them for some reason... even the Currie Tech rep said they'd never seen or heard of such a thing. I have an iron (need to grab some desolder wick when I go out for the new ones), but usually only do occasional work on small electronics. Is there any potential issue with putting a hot iron on a battery terminal? Also, is there any issue with using higher capacity batteries than what it shipped with if the dimensions are the same? They carry 12V 14 AH batteries for a few bucks more than the 12 AH batteries it comes with.Probably ignorant questions, but I know nothing of SLA batteries.

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