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19.04.2019 03:06
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When she didn't have the loneliness in her heart, she put down the tableware. I couldn't help but shed tears. Through the gray sky outside the window, I seemed to see the half-old wheelchair parked under the jujube tree in the old house. It seemed that I saw the mother still sitting on it and smiling. Waiting for me to go home. Niang is a farmer who is born, and her body looks thin. She is famous for her hard-working youth. From the time I remember, the land of a few people, plowing and sowing, is almost all she bears. Later, when she was a year old, she began to raise a rabbit Newport Online Cigarettes. She built a row of short brick houses in the yard, and the size of the rabbits reached more than 100. In the summer, I caught up with the grass in the ground. She almost cut a large bag of grass every day, a bag of grass, weighing seventy or eighty pounds. I have tried it. I am young enough to carry it up. That is, during that time, the mother carried the grass, sometimes walking and walking for no reason, after the examination was diagnosed as diabetic necrosis caused by diabetes, but the strong mother refused to accept, do not listen to persuasion, look for Busy and busy Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In Usa, then accidentally broke his arm, and then broke the right leg femoral head, had to go to the hospital for surgery, that year, the mother is 69 years old. After the operation, the mother lost her ability to walk. We bought her a wheelchair, which is convenient for her mother to go around. She often remembers the crops in the field, remembers the grapes and apricot trees in the village, and sometimes let us push her out to see. Look, every time I saw the weeds in the fields and the yellow leaves, she would pat her legs and sigh: "If my legs can go well!". Mother always smiles in front of us, the aunts of the neighbors come to the door, she will give them one joke after another, she said: "I am a leg, too much work done before. God is distressed, let me rest more!". When no one is there, she always leans the wheelchair against a wall, often holding it with both hands and picking up her toes for a while. As the disease progressed, the mother could stand up for a shorter period of time, and her two arms gradually became uncomfortable from the fingers to the arms and became stiff. When we saw her uncomfortable, she tried to pat her legs, squat shoulders, pinch her arms, and she often said, "Busy you, I don't feel bad, but my fingers and toes have a little numbness, not ɶ"I have asked a well-known doctor. The doctor said that the mother found the disease too late, and the syndrome of concurrency, coupled with the age, can control the slow development is good, and the slowly necrotic nerve will bring the patient It is a lot of pain. But Niang has never shown a painful look, let alone say that after her legs can't move Marlboro Wholesale Price, her daily exercise is to grab the wheelchair armrests with both hands and shake her body forward, one after the other, once the next level is too large. Her head will fall down between her legs and won't come. She often said: "People live seventy years old, enough, but I have to see my grandson admitted to college to the end of the disease, the mother's hand can not move, mouth can not speak, she will use գEyes and shaking her head to express her meaning. Every morning, dressing her mother, we took her to the wheelchair, and then fasten the seat belt, because nerve necrosis affects her chewing function, so the steamed bread and meals should be ruined. Shape, a little bit. When the weather is warm and windless, the mother will also signal to push her to the yard, sometimes she will call us to go away, leaning on the wheelchair alone, staring quietly The trees, grass and flowers in the yard are actually very clear. Her daily life is usually taken care of by her sister. Because of the work in my city, there is no special situation. I only take care of her on the rest day. Every time I go back to the city, My mother is laughing and joking, I am going to go early, drive slowly on the road, don��t worry about her. Until the first two months of her death, I have to go out because of some things in the unit Newport Carton Cigarettes. Cried, she couldn��t cry a little bit in her mouth Newport Cartons For Sale. Tears flowed from the corners of my eyes to the cheeks. I was comforted by the rush, just comforting her a few words. She even wiped her tears and hugged her. I didn��t think that this time, parting, it became me. The farewell of the mother, I will leave the mother forever. Her wheelchair, which has been sitting for nearly ten years, was thrown under the old jujube tree in the yard. The empty wheelchair, I can��t find it again in the world. The person who sat on it! I was full of thoughts and went to the window. Spring is coming. The apricot flower next to the old country door should have bloomed. The grass on the ground will also spread over the rusty wheelchair wheel. I think it will be in heaven at this time. It��s just a flower, there��s only happiness, there��s only eternal life, there is no need for a wheelchair, and the mother can finally relax. She will be there to walk freely, and she will be happy to take care of the fields and flowers that belong to her.

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