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19.04.2019 03:05
Long street length Antworten

Long street length, fireworks, you pick up the lights to look back; short pavilion is short, red dust, I sigh Xiao. How many red and white, how many tears of love, only blood, ink, ink, incense, crying. The vast earth is full of swords, and where is the bustling song. I leaned over the clouds and covered the pots, even though others laughed at me. Listening to the broken string Newport 100S Carton Cheap, the three thousand madness is broken; the flower buds are not smashed, but if you have a pity, who is on the nail. Use my three fireworks to change your life. I am a young man, and I am a poetic life. I have a heartfelt fascinating life experience, mental state or psychological process. Some people think that luxury cars, rich and expensive, travel around the world, Shanzhen seafood is his most poetic life; but the rough tea, the same life, the common face of the ups and downs of life is not a poetic life? Because Human beings not only pursue material life, but also pursue spiritual life. The poetry of life comes from the tranquility and calmness of the heart. When you are sad, you can swim in the mountains and play with water. When you are sad, you sing and sing. When you are sad, you can chat with your friends. When you are lonely, read a book. People are "hearted and safe, you can step by step lotus. The heart is clear, everything is dark, the heart is turbid, everything is dark; the heart is crazy, all the minds, all the Zen. The troubles are put down into Bodhi, and the mood turns into a sunny day. Poetic life requires a kind of Poetic sentiments. The poetic life pursued by Tao Yuanming is the one that is isolated from the world. The poetic life pursued by Li Bai is the pursuit of the elegant and easy-going layman who "has laughed out of the sky and went to the world." The poetic life is "I know no? Know no? It should be green, fat, red and thin" gentle and simple. The characters in the "Dream of Red Mansions" Grand View Garden live a poetic life, Lin Daiyu is more adept at pursuing poetic life. She and Jia Baoyu have Poetic predecessors, she promised a poetic promise, she looked at the flower Xie Huafei and the lotus flower, even her tears are poetic, and even she can be said to be a poetic myth. Although Lin Daiyu's life is It is short-lived and tragic, but it is full of poetry. However, we living in contemporary society can neither hide in the mountains like Tao Yuanming, nor can it be as good as Li Bai, and it is even less likely to learn. It��s clear that the poetic life only favors the ancients, and I exclude the busy modern people. I don��t think so. Can��t we live in seclusion, can we not keep a spiritual home in our hearts? Can't you indulge your emotions when you are alone? Don't be too sentimental, can't you express your own thoughts in other ways? The poetic life that Lin Daiyu pursues is the artistic fiction of literary works. Isn't art from life? I believe that poetic life is not mysterious. Our ordinary daily life is full of poetry. As long as we carefully taste and feel with our heart, we can enjoy a poetic life Marlboro Wholesale Price. I love tea. In my spare time, I have a cup of tea and a hand holding Tang. The poet Lu Tong��s "The Seven Bowls of Tea Songs sang the millennium of Lutong alone and the seven bowls of tea." "A bowl of throat kisses run", water throat is the basic of tea. "Two bowls broken Lonely, a word breaks the sky, straightforward chest, tea is a wake-up thing instead of alcohol. "Three bowls search for the intestines, only three thousand volumes of words", with those The door of the "fat intestines" compared to the dry intestines Newport Carton Cigarettes, only the knowledge cultivation as a literary person's high-altitude arrogance gesture. But Lu Tong really can be a superior person's feeling is still to count the fourth bowl - "four bowls of sweat, Unreasonable life, do your best to the pores. "The relaxed language of the wind and the rain will cause the poet to suffer all kinds of unhappiness and stagnation in the heart. It has been distributed to the clouds. What is the solution to the worry, only the tea is seeking." Five bowls of musculoskeletal, six bowls of fairy spirit, seven bowls can not eat, only The two habits are clear and windy. From the fifth bowl to the seventh bowl, it is purely a kind of feeling and sublimation from the material to the spirit. It is a process of enjoying poetic life. This kind of fitness is more like standing. Two forget Usa Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, the heaven and the man are in this poetic realm sitting in the living room, a cup of tea, and the hand is not released. It seems to be a long mountain wind thousands of years ago Marlboro Cheap Cigarettes. With his own spirit, he flies to his quiet and warm soul home and let his heart Precipitation, sedimentation, harvesting a world of tranquility in the turmoil of the modern city. I like to read books, preferring to read "When the book is like a dream, as if to talk to the ancient sages". This poetic is not a poetic life. In fact, to understand poetic life, we must pay attention to our spiritual world. Philosophers say well, when material is rich, we must not be guilty of our own spirit. Only in this way can we be in the modern city of reinforced concrete In, enjoy the poetic life poetry of the ancients, from the life, you need to use the mind to understand. "Insults are not shocked, leisurely before the court flowers bloom, to stay unintentional, look On the cloud, Yunshu is a poetic life. It is a fascinating life experience, mental state or psychological process with a heart that is self-satisfied. Poetic life is the process of enjoying life activities, achieving harmony between man and nature. Support each other, communicate with each other, connect and share, and share the realm of life created by nature and human beings.

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