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23.03.2019 03:03
In the early spring, Antworten

In the early spring, the weather became hot and dry, and the car galloped through the cliffs of the road, heading for the direction of the White River, along the rushing Tang River, turning over the Tanghe Bridge, reaching the hometown of Tang Yan, the legendary birthplace of Emperor Sui. The old revolutionary district of Tang County Newport Cigarettes For Sale. Follow the instructions of local friends and visit the Xishenggou Scenic Area 38 kilometers northwest of the county. The name "Gully" is actually a canyon. It is the largest karst scenic landscape in northern China. Perhaps it is because we rushed to Xishenggou too early. The whole scenic spot is just a few of our real tourists. "It is suspected." Enter the mountain gate, arrive at a dragon pool, and see the clear water at the bottom. The wild fish swims in the air, walks through the iron bridge, crosses the small stone sarcophagus on the road, enters the deep valley, the grand canyon is awesome, and the cliffs on both sides are cut like axe. It is steep and steep, with many stalactites in various poses Buy Cigarettes Wholesale. The cliffs are covered with stone flowers, stalagmites and stone milk. Unknown wildflowers grow in the wind and sway in the wind. The shrubs on the stream sprout new sprouts, and the yellow scorpion in the water flows in the green water. Slide. Going further inside is Erlongtan and Sanlongtan, where the cliffs are staggered and the two waters form a waterfall. This season, the water flow is relatively small. Not far from the front, the deep green is the quiet Longquan Mountain Villa Buy Newport Cigarettes, the caves that are dozens of meters deep, forming the Erlong Waterfall from the cliff of more than ten meters high, and flowing into the right half of the hole that can accommodate three or forty people. . At this time, the sun shines into the hole at noon, sparkling, throwing a few stones, listening to the sound of the water, taking a few mouthfuls of cool air, and feeling the heart of the spring, the sun has not yet climbed to the half of the canyon, walking through the valley, the wind is refreshing After crossing, there is no feeling of hotness. The rocky weeds at the bottom of the valley and the stream will infect us with the silence of Jinggu, telling us that the winter here has not gone far. In the valley behind the jungle, there is a unique style of Ming Dynasty architecture without beams, also known as the Arctic Temple. It was built in the Wanli Period of the Ming Dynasty and has a history of more than 400 years. It is facing south, and there is a voucher door in the middle of the south wall. It is built according to the ancient gossip theory. It is viewed from the outside and is in the form of a text. The top is a horizontal ridge. The water is divided on all sides. From the inside, below the upper circle, there are several small combinations. It is built according to the theory of "Taijisheng two instruments, two instruments and four images, four elephants and eight gossips" and the ninety-nine one Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons. Under the roof, the bricks are carved on four sides, and there are brick arches with imitation wood structure. The roof is covered with gray tiles, and the tile head is decorated with dragon tile and dripping water. The wall is reduced to a sacred seat, and the brickwork on all sides is very beautiful. The architectural pattern below the upper circle of the Liangliang Temple mimics the space environment of the Tianyuan area, showing the cosmology of the ancients. The entire building is brick-and-gray, without a nail and a brick, and the brick carving is exquisite, fully demonstrating the ancient Chinese architecture. The level of craftsmanship and the wisdom of the working people along the steep valley gradually climbed up, the meandering stream was intermittent, and the thick glaciers in the shade of the valley were not touched by the spring breeze. There was no melting, and the east-west glaciers were hundreds of meters away. The cm is thick, wearing short sleeves and walking on the glaciers in the hot sun. There is really a feeling of ice and fire. Listening to the local guide, the glaciers in the valley will not be fully opened until June, and the mountainous roads of nature will be climbed all the way. Turned over a mountain beam to reach the highest peak, the platform on the top of the mountain is suddenly open, the mountains in the distance are in the eye, the blue sky, the green hills, the green water, the mountain flowers, the dwarf vines are integrated, the pressure of life and work is gone with the whistling Saved, stuck to the steep stone wall, there is actually a farmer's household, the house built by Qingshi, the smoke rises, the persimmon tree king in front of the door, the roots and the stone One, with mountain spring, loose sound, goat as partners, free, less complicated and bustle of the city Cheapest Online Cigarettes Free Shipping, more than a "take Ju Dong, long to see the mountain," the tranquil natural paradise is really the land.

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