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23.03.2019 03:03
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There are such a group of people, maybe they are silent, but they sing the most beautiful songs with their silent devotion; maybe they sweat, but they use the most sincere smile to soothe the anxious emotions of the helpers; maybe they are sometimes misunderstood But they still stick to this position without wavering... Whether they stay up late, they can warm everything around with the spark of enthusiasm in their hearts. They are the young volunteers in the train station who do not pay for their dedication and do their best to help others. "This is the truest portrayal of this group of young volunteers. In the past Spring Festival, they did everything they could to help the staff at the train station do the work. Whether the work is complicated or simple, is it redundant or subtle?" Everyday Newport Short, they are not sloppy, they look at the elevator carefully in a noisy day, killing the dangers that may occur at the time of the germination. This is undoubtedly a simple job, but this simplicity brings unbearable Long-term boring, I imagined that the knife is slowly shaving the spirit. Not only that, but they may also face the problems of the wandering wanderers, like the ticket, can not find the entrance, I can't find the toilet... Sometimes, because of the large flow of people, I also need several passengers to ask for help, but they still have the most sincerity and the most enthusiastic smile to comfort the wandering and restlessness of the wanderers, no matter how tired the spirit and the body are. They are not only the sentinels who are seriously standing in the platform, but also the "Lei Feng" who serves the public when someone is in trouble. It is also a good help for the armed police comrades in the disorder of order. The most impressive thing is that the lovely volunteers help a blind person. From pit stop to check-in, from boarding to leaving, they help with luggage, lead the way, pick up tickets... all things are properly arranged Post, but when the passenger wants to thank them, they are already silently scattered in the crowd like water drops into the crowd Cigarette Tobacco For Sale Online. They are screws, guide lights, order bars...whatever they need, they Whatever it is, but no matter what it is, their zealous heart will never change, and the swaying in the blood will give the full energy of the full energy Newport 100 Cigarettes, just like the sun in the Milky Way Marlboro Wholesale. I was eager to learn from the comrades in Lei Feng that the volunteers in these railway stations combined their youth and life with the "Lei Feng spirit" and put this simple and honest words into practice. Strong. "Maybe they are not eye-catching, but in this subtle, long-term flow, the moral character of our nation has already flourished, and these lovely volunteers are the best successors of our country and nation." It is always perfect, but true youth belongs only to those who will always strive for the upper reaches Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes, those who will forever forget the labor, and those who are always modest will be lost and willing to die.

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