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08.03.2019 10:32
The summer came to Antworten

The summer came to an end and sang the finale of the farewell. The autumn wind began to wander, and the water passed away. The cool wind blew the earth Cheap Online Cigarettes, and the flowing cold rain was floating on my face. Under the eaves, in the creek, the leaves merged into a sea, swallowing the traffic lights of the long ring towns of the annual ring. The street mouth is the beginning of every busy day. Those who come and come often have real life and peace Carton Of Newport 100S. The story, what I can see is only the figure of memory that is intertwined with each other. I can't enter each other's stories. After all, the journey is just a rushing night. The wind goes through the window and goes indoors. The night gradually squeezes into the window and puts the cold on the book. Wet a piece of text, blurring my view. The threshold that was touched by the wind, the old iron lock, locked my heart. The rain brushed the window and kept going down, one drop, two drops. Look for the soul of the soul in the sound of the rain, looking for the other side of the soul. Those past events, as well as childhood nightmares, finally fluttered in the rain with the rain, time is silent. Looking back at the summer again, I met in the falling autumn leaves. The bleak autumn wind blew away the children's dreams. In June, the examination room was the season of smashing and thinning, or the change of the four seasons. I have seen flowers bloom in the summer, and I have seen fruitful results. Do not rest, have not stopped, such as the guests who drove the car, have no time to say goodbye, but also do not care about the season, allowed a lot of dreams, but also created a lot of long-awaited, always want to go out a lot of people, and finally tired back Also, maybe the world is not as perfect as we think. In the autumn season, the people who have come and gone may have changed, or they may not have changed. Still remember. After three years and two months passed, I still lived in this teaching building. At the foot, there were some broken and incomplete cement roads. Now I have started to repair. Even the hills have been removed, and the drainage system is also It will be completed. The wind is bleak and the rain is draining. I can't help but think of the people who used to run with me in the rice garden. They often smiled and talked with me sweetly. They talked about knowing the autumn, the frost on the floor, and the autumn winds. Countless times dreamed of the golden maple forest Newport Cigarettes Carton Price, we walked hand in hand, Fanghua Zhengmao. How many times to look back at the starting point of the encounter, the young blood rose warmly in the blue sky. How many times to find the familiar figure, a little bit of brush to outline a vivid face. Perhaps only the things that can't be returned are the most precious Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes. Just like the childhood that can't go back, the time that can't go back, the yesterday that can't go back, the story that can't go back to the fragrance of spring, read the golden of autumn, describe the sunnyness of summer, and taste the hope of winter. A leaf was used to trace a letter on the embankment, which was filled with the fall of yesterday. Dongsheng is still in the Xiaguang, west to the rain Buy Cheap Cigarettes, in the rain, looking for hope of life. In the autumn season, we are brave enough to meet every tomorrow!

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