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08.03.2019 10:31
I am at the table wit Antworten

I am at the table with the teacher at noon. The teacher looks a bit old, but the spirit is OK. She can't call my name. I told her the name. She also said that she couldn't remember. We only called out at this table. The name of a classmate, it turns out that this classmate has a close relationship with her. This may be because she has too many students, not to mention that she was only thirty years old when she was our class teacher. So many years have passed, and forgetting is normal. However, her mind is still very clear. In the toasting, I wish her "Shoubi Nanshan," she took the next "Furu East Sea". During the performance, he also sang Deng Lijun's "sweet honey", no A little bit of stagnation, I am a bit puzzled, how can she not remember us? It is really terrible, it may still be a long time apart. I will not see each other for a long time. If I don��t come and go, I will change my teacher��s feelings, affection and friendship. Everything will be inflamed, forgotten, and even cut off. This table is the most lively table today. First, put a birthday cake and put in eight candles. Eighty, the teacher is still quite suffocating, and easily blew eight lighted candles in one breath. Then everyone is busy eating cakes. There are also rows of classmates who have turned around and toasted the teacher. The teacher has always maintained a happy smile. At this time, we were at the same table with her. I felt a little redundant. The classmate sitting next to me quietly told me that I was sitting at the wrong table today. I also sighed and was heard by the person in charge. She immediately responded Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes. I am, it is also appropriate to sit at the table with the teacher today. What is wrong with me? I am embarrassed to say that I am also toasting on other tables. Many people can��t name them, especially female students. Come out, let alone name. But these are my classmates in primary school. This is a fact that will not change. With these familiar strangers, toasting and clinking, everyone is very happy, but it is still a bit cautious Newport Cigarette. There are a few better classmates. After graduating from elementary school, when they came over, they talked more casually. At the wine table, we also took a photo. Drinking, toasting, talking, taking pictures, and gathering laughter resounded through the hotel lobby. In a friendly and warm atmosphere, we started the process from strange to familiar, according to the original arrangement, it was for outdoor activities, after the event, dinner was Dining at a nearby hotel. But now it is raining outside, and the temperature is low and windy. Everyone is afraid and hesitant. At about 3 o'clock, the rain stopped, and everyone immediately set off to the designated place. Since the attraction has not yet been completed, some buildings are still under construction. Some of the students are entering the scenic spot, some can't find the door, so they are divided into two groups of people. Some take pictures at the sights, some talk in the lakeside scenic spots, can't say which is better, each has its own merits, each has fun. I am the group walking on the riverside. We looked at the monuments on the riverside. There are several old houses of classmates. They are all here. It is not a spacious road, a park, or a high-rise building. They are looking for His own old site, such memories are also very good. A female student also talked to me about Tai Chi. She said that she had played for several years. The leader of the team was very optimistic about her. She had participated in several competitions. Later, the lumbar spine was not good, stopped, and now she changed to playing badminton. Yes, I think it��s good to talk like this, so I walked around and walked a big circle. I felt that the time was almost the same, and I went to the hotel where I ate at night. Later, I asked a male student, the name of the female classmate who had chatted with me, and asked me this question, even myself was funny. This is caused by China��s long-term feudal ideology. When we went to school, male and female students basically did not speak Marlboro Red Cigarettes. Some elementary school students did not even have one sentence for six years. It��s really a sad meal. We have less class teachers. The teacher, she took her home after eating Chinese food. Two more people were added, and six members of the preparatory group had four at the same table. I found that there is also a big boss with hundreds of millions of assets. It is a very common one to look at his people. He doesn��t talk much. Look at his honest appearance. I don��t think I will be worse than him. How can I be Not the boss, think about it, these can be life! Dinner, I did not go to respect the classmates, but there are many students to worship us Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online, to say more respect will know, the name can be called. I told them that until now, most of the names of female students I still can't call out. Someone immediately said: Then you still don't respect. Yes, I also admit that respect may be better, but after returning, I may have forgotten it. Really, the memory is really bad now. I think it��s still the same. After the end of the study, I will go home and take a group photo. I will ask each other questions. I don��t know what to ask. This may be better. Maybe I will know this class meeting next time Newport 100S Carton. It is impossible to get it once a month and someone will immediately come out and deny it. It will make sense to meet again in two years. It is a celebration of the 50th anniversary. This must be done. I have agreed, and it is OK to open the secret, but the organizer is too hard. I learned from the conversations of the students that everyone is very satisfied with this class meeting, indicating that this classmate is successful and successful. Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the six students in the preparatory group, especially the sponsors!

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