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The German philosopher Schopenhauer said: Wise men always enjoy their lives and enjoy their leisure time Carton Of Cigarettes, and those who are foolish are always afraid of idleness and the boredom that idleness brings to themselves, so they always give themselves Find some low-level fun games to give yourself a moment of pleasure. In today's society, mobile phones and the Internet are based on people's remaining leisure time Cigarettes For Sale. People are loyal to all kinds of lace news and let them fill their leisure time. People put their hearts and minds on this moment of pastime. Once they leave this pastime, a stronger sense of emptiness will follow. When we complained about this, did we ever question ourselves: "Where did all the leisure go?" Let life be accompanied by leisure, and indulge in the freedom to enjoy leisure. In an era of fragmentation, leisure is invaded by the Internet. Some people gladly accepted this, believing that the advent of the Internet made boring time meaningful; others were frowning, thinking that it made life boring. The person with the first view, the leisure time in his life is dominated by the boring body, the leisure in his consciousness is boring, vulgar, and worthless; and in the second person, leisure is theirs In terms of, it is a kind of spiritual enjoyment and spiritual sublimation, which is separated from time and space. Reflected in life, the first kind of person's life is a linear monotonous life, with a passion of the brain rampages towards the front of life, without leaving a little free time to think about your own gains and losses, right and wrong wrong. For them, leisure is impetuous, it is better to scan a piece of entertainment news at a glance and laugh at yourself; the life of the second person is a curved life, and the leisure time of every bit should be when looking back at the light Newport 100S, the heart Clear and epiphany. Flying birds and white clouds, swimming fish and fine water, the tiny leisure in life engraved a deep imprint in their souls, constantly shaping a brand new self. The wise man regards leisure as his best friend, but the fool retreats from leisure, leisure never leaves, but the soul never sees. Learn to endure the emptiness of life and enjoy the leisure of life. Enduring the loneliness of the years and giving life a little more real leisure, this is the cultivation and transformation of the soul, it is the meaning and charm of life. Leisure should be the normal state of the mind. Only in this way can the soul be placed in life, and life can be treated gently.
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