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16.04.2020 04:54
numbers under the guidance of Antworten

"The strongest brain" refers to those possessed by those who have super memory, super good eyesight Online Cigarettes, super fast calculation, and quick thinking. I have always envied me. I really think I have such a super ability, and it is exactly what I have the privilege The activity of a small reporter gave me such an opportunity to learn. On the afternoon of February 1, my dad and I came to the event site early. At this time, parents and other small reporters who participated in the event were sitting on chairs and the big screen of the stage On the show are the performances of some of the "strongest brain" children. They are simply too powerful. While we were watching it, a big sister stepped onto the stage and began today ��s experience. Today ��s theme is by Wang The "mind map" that Mr. Mori explained. She showed us a short video: A little girl of 11 or 12 years old read more than 20 English letters, and she will be able to carry it from beginning to end without falling back. Afterwards, and can still go back to the stream. Then Mr. Wang said that the child is not good in memory, she completed it through the "mind map". Then he invited Mr. Gao to come to the stage and give me Live performances quickly memorize numbers, and at the same time let us many small reporters come to the stage, each of them said a number for her to remember, and in the process of her memory, let us play some games to interfere with Teacher Gao. What is more interesting is that The winner of the game was able to learn fast memories on site with Teacher Gao, and I was very happy! And Teacher Gao accurately recited the numbers we gave, which made me more interested in the "strongest brain" Marlboro Red. Then Teacher Wang put " "Mind Map" gives us a detailed explanation. It can be said that "Mind Map" can help us learn Chinese, mathematics, English and other courses. It makes our thinking different from ordinary people and improves our academic performance. . At this time, several of our winning reporters also learned fast memory of numbers under the guidance of teacher Gao, and performed on stage. We really achieved the memory of many numbers and English words. I succeeded! " "Mind Map" is awesome. Today's experience activity is too meaningful for us to return home. My mother said to me happily: "Thanks to the little reporter for the activity. Such a good opportunity for us! You try to remember things with mind maps in the future. "I listened and nodded: Yes, I have to study mind maps carefully, and also set off a" strongest brain "storm in our class!
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