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Bear Attack Sports Articles | October 9 Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , 2006
I opened my eyes and held my breath. Was I dreaming? The bear growled again. I wasn''t dreaming. He shuffled around in the pine needles, a few feet away. Only the thin nylon wall of my tent separated u...

I opened my eyes and held my breath. Was I dreaming? The bear growled again. I wasn''t dreaming. He shuffled around in the pine needles, a few feet away. Only the thin nylon wall of my tent separated us. I waited for the bear to attack.

I breathed slowly, trying not to make a sound. There was nothing to be done, nowhere to run Cheap Jerseys Online , and not another person within ten miles. I could die in a few seconds, I realized. I could be torn apart.

Grizzlies had already killed two people in Montana this year, and mauled several others. That''s what the ranger told me when I entered Yellowstone that morning. A mild winter had left too few dead animals for the bears to feed on, so they were hungry and dangerous.

The pamphlet, the one with "WARNING" written in red over a silhouette of a bear on the cover Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , was in my backpack. I mentally reviewed it. My food was in a tree fifty yards away, I wasn''t wearing cologne or deodorant, and I wasn''t moving. I should be okay.

The bear grunted and pawed the ground. Then nothing. I strained to hear something, anything, but the sounds of the river covered any smaller sounds. Had the bear left? I couldn''t be sure. I looked at my watch without moving my head. I could barely make out the glow-in-the-dark hands. It was four a.m. I was starting to sweat. Does sweat attract bears Cheap Jerseys From China , I wondered.

How To Prevent Bear Attacks

The good news was that the bear eventually left. I think he was just upset because I had set up my tent in the middle of the path along the river, where he probably walked nightly. Don''t do that, if you want to avoid being in stories like this. Here are some other ways to avoid a bear attack.

- Talk quietly or just don''t talk at all. The time for loud noises was before you encountered the bear. Try to detour around the bear if you can.

- Don''t run! Try to back away slowly, but stop if this agitates the bear.

- Assume a non-threatening posture. This could mean turning sideways, or bending at the knees to appear smaller.

- Don''t look straight at the bear. Bears may interpret direct eye contact as threatening.

- Drop something Cheap Jerseys China , like a water bottle or hat, to distract the bear. Don''t drop food, however, or he may come to you looking for more. Leave your backpack on for protection in case of an attack.

- If you have bear repellent (pepper spray) get it ready. If the bear attacks, use it!

- If the bear makes contact Cheap Jerseys , fall to the ground on your stomach, or assume a fetal position to protect your chest and abdomen. Lace your fingers together over the back of your neck. Don''t move until you the bear has left.

The above is good advice only if the bear attack is a "bluff" attack, or a surprised bear. This is the most common type of bear encounter. However, if the bear is stalking you, you need to take entirely different actions. That Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys , however, is a topic for another article.
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Delhi Sightseeing:
We won call it a crime Wholesale NFL Jerseys , but Delhi tour is incomplete without a rickshaw ride around Old Delhi area. One can explore and enjoy the entertaining experience of rickshaw ride from ChandniChowk to Chawri Bazar. Don forget to catch the tempting sights of British Architectures; you will obviously be enthralled by the 400 years old history of the bustling ChandniChowk.
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During Delhi Darshan consider Delhi Haat visit in your list; the colorful site showcases different glimpse of Indian culture in a nutshell. Delhi Haat is located at the heart of city; the interesting place has more than 60 stalls to visit and shop. Although, Delhi Haat is famous for handloom products but, one can purchase contemporary styled products too. The fine handcrafted work will give you an idea about the preservation of Indian art and culture as they are made by talented Indian artists.
Worship places and Monuments:
While enjoying Delhi sightseeing tour Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , visit Lotus Temple, the lotus-shaped edifice is the place of worship, people with different religious backgrounds come here and pray together to fulfill their desires.
Another worth watching place in Delhi is Jama Masjid, built in Mughals era; the mosque will give you overwhelming experience of culture and royalty. Enjoy climbing at southern Minaret of mosque and enjoy the complete view of Old Delhi and Red Fort.
QutubMinar, AkshardhamMandir Wholesale Jerseys China , and Eskon temple are some of the other attractive destinations that will give you varied experience of Delhi Sightseeing.
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