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INDIAN CYBER ARMY is a Professional Cyber Security Organization Aimed with Digitally Secured India Wholesale Nike NBA Jerseys , which is providing its services to Government, National Police and Intelligence Agencies. It is a largest Association of ethical hackers Cyber Crime Investigators and cyber security experts involved into social service. Its sole aim is to research, analyze, train and develop technology. It a team of Ethical Hacker, Security Experts Wholesale NBA Jerseys Cheap , and Programmers from across the globe involved into creating awareness in the field of cyber security and to reduce the increasing Cyber Crimes.
Apart from creating awareness, it also focuses to conduct high quality research in the general areas of security, and performance optimization in Networking, at affordable costs. We do researches in the field of IT security & ethical hacking, discovering vulnerabilitiesloopholes in websites Wholesale NBA Jerseys Online , networks, developing exploits and providing the advisories to overcome the exploit or loopholes and defense against other threats such as information warfare.
With the increasing technology, cyber crimes are also increasing day be day. It has established Cyber Crime Helpline. The investigation work to be undertaken in the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau and data collected here shall be of great benefit to the entire cyber crime cells. Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau to serve as a means to receive cyber related crimes for further research, develop, and refer the criminal complaints to cyber crime cells and law and enforcement andor regulatory agencies for any investigation they deem to be appropriate.
Protecting the National Information Heritage Wholesale NBA Jerseys From China , Financial freedom, privacy of the individuals and the intellectual property from the global menace of unseen cyber criminals is a social necessity. We strengthen the hands of people by strengthening the power that runs the world in this age of the internet..
Consider the value of Individual, Corporate, or Academic Supporter membership. You can join and contribute to already created chapters or Start a New Chapter.
State Chapters [List will be available in few days]
Academic Institutional Chapter [Student Chapter]
You don need to be an expert in application security, just motivated to help build the Cyber Army community and organize meetings. There a lot of help available from other Local Chapter leaders. So gets your community moving to help the mission of cyber safety awareness and start a local Chapter today!
What is the process once I submit my request to start a chapter?
Once submitted Wholesale NBA Jerseys China , the request will be reviewed and approved by the Management Staff. Once the new chapter is approved
1. A chapter website link [ ] and mailing list will be set up for the new leader(s).
2. The chapter leader will be given an Indian Cyber Army email account and password to operate as the administrator of the new chapter mailing list.
For Any Other Query Contact +91 99686 00000 between 10.30AM to 6:00PM All Days.
Source link ( )
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