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From a small Libyan hospital to Riyadh Antworten

He has remained in touch with many of his former patients.

"I separated (Polish twins) in 2005," al-Rabeeah told ABC News. "I happened to visit Poland this
Online Cigarettes Store USA year … and when (the twins) saw me -- they are now, as you could imagine, 15 years of age -- they're coming, running and hugging me like a father. I really cannot believe how my tears came down. So both of them were crying and I was crying. It was really emotional."On two tables, Ahmed and Muhammed each had their own set of doctors to reconstruct their small, separated bodies. Surgeons recreated bowels, urinary systems and genital organs for each twin.

After over three and a half hours, the twins went from the operating room to the intensive care unit. The operation Newport Cigarettes Shop was successful and both are now recovering.

Once the surgery ended, al-Rabeeah let the parents walk into the room.

"(The twins' father) came and tried to kiss my hand. I refused, so he hugged me. And while he's going to his child, which is Ahmed, he just fell into a big cry. And we have to rub his back and tell him that they're OK, they're stable. He said, 'I'm crying because I'm happy," al-Rabeeah recounted.The babies would stay in the pediatric intensive care unit for around two weeks before doctors remove the artificial respirator to start their feeding. Once Ahmed and Muhammed are stable, they will be taken to the pediatric surgical ward for further rehabilitation.

The twins are expected to be in recovery for eight to 12 weeks.After the twins moved to the ICU, al-Rabeeah Cheap Newport 100s cigarettes left the hospital for home. He said his family prepared a celebratory dinner for him.

The emotions and intensity of a separation surgery often keeps him awake late into the night.

"But I sleep really happy that I have managed to draw a smile on the face of a family that has been under stress and big suffering. For them now to smile ... is a really happy feeling," he said.

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