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23.10.2019 08:19
o my heart. I seem Antworten

The tea of ??tea is a nobleman in the drink, with a metaphysical character. Sitting, holding a cup of tea in your hand, letting its fragrance rise, giving people a kind of nature, a kind of leisure, like a complete relaxation, immersed in the world of incense! This feeling, both It is very comfortable and sighing. If you can't wait to taste a bite, and you can't bear to let the fragrance flow freely, the family sits around the coffee table Marlboro Cigarettes, taking a handful of tea leaves, flat tea leaves, like leaf-shaped jade. Tea leaves! The water falls like a silver pillar, and the tea is like a small fish swimming in the stormy waves. The tea leaves all floated on the water, like a hot spring bath Marlboro Lights, and slowly they stretched out and their bodies sank. Some sinking under the water like a fairy, dancing on a tiptoe, and some dancing like a poet. Looking at such a beautiful picture, I seem to be a piece of tea, swimming in the cup, playing with my partner and dancing together. Gradually, the water that was originally transparent turned pale green, and after a while it turned into a bright yellow. The scene in the whole cup is like a beautiful and active paintingI gently smelled it, sucked it deeply, and a faint scent of fragrance flowed into my heart. I seem to have come to the grassland to breathe the fresh air, watching the horses in the Mercedes... All the troubles are suddenly gone. I blew a little, and there was a ripple on the water, and I gently allowed a bite of pearl-sized tea, ah, bitter! No, it's sweet! It jumped between my tongue Newport 100S, slipped through my throat and passed it through to my body. The exhaustion last night was swept away and the whole body was comfortable. sweet����
I enjoy the charming fragrance of tea, drunk, drunk.
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