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23.10.2019 08:19
. Not enough, can't move it. Wh Antworten

I am creating a Guardian. This school organized us to carry out the "Create a Healthy and Civilized City" activity. During the event, I gained a lot of happiness. Our mission this time is to clean the Ximen Street. This street is the only way for me to go to school. It is also a famous sanitary corner. The garbage is full of land and stinks. Our aim was to put the street on a clean new dressing day. I took the broom with the team and came to the west gate, slowly sweeping the ground, and still lazy from time to time. Sweeping, I was stunned, there was a moldy apple in front, and there were many flies on it. How to do? I stood there staring at the flying flies, trying to pretend that I didn't see it, and the small army walked toward the apple, swept it into the bucket and put it in the bag. I was stunned Carton Of Cigarettes, my brain was banging, my face was hot and hot. Then look at the classmates next to me, some sweeping, some dressing, some mentioning, some digging... all of them are looking at the students, my hands are unknowingly dexterous, paper, cigarette butts And rotten leaves... I can't escape my eyes, I can't hide my broom. After a while, the rubbish in front of me disappeared, and the clean street faced me with a smile. I felt the happiness I had never had before. At this moment, Xiao Min, who was next to him, was struggling to scrape the small advertising paper on the wall with a knife, which was not going well. When I got a chance, I found water and poured it into a small advertisement. Xiaomin scraped it with a knife and brushed it with a brush. The wall returned to a white face Newport 100S, and we smiled again. We went into new labor again. At this time, the students who cleaned the ditch stopped the work in their hands. It turned out that there was a big column under the ditch. It may have been soaked for a long time and became very heavy. Our grade is small and strength. Not enough, can't move it. When everyone talked about ways to get it out, a young man passing by said nothing Newport Cigarettes, rolled up his sleeves, rolled up his pants, jumped into the ditch, swayed the pillars hard, cocked it, squatted on his shoulders, toward the trash. The pile ran away... everyone gave a warm applause. We are all happy because some people have consciously participated in the ��Creation of Health�� activities. The event ended in the words of joy, and we looked at the streets where we were replaced with neat clothes. We opened a bright smile.
This activity not only purified the environment, but also conceived the city's appearance, and let me change the bad habit of fearing dirt and tiredness. Although tired, but happy, I believe that everyone can participate in "creating health" and everyone can get it. happy.
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