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In the sound of the sea waves in Gulangyu, the melodious sound of the piano came out of the closed concert hall, making the Gulangyu in the night more quiet. The two boys sat in the chair and turned their hands on the keys. The sound of the piano slowly echoed. One of the boys is me. Unexpectedly, just three days ago, I was making trouble with my parents. "I don't want to be ugly!" I shouted loudly to my parents. No matter how my parents comfort me, I still stubbornly refuse to go. Parents have tried their best, but they have nothing to do with me. In desperation, I had to ask my little friend to "town" me. I know that he does not want to lose the opportunity to come to power. "Look at what tricks he will make!" I am ready to receive all the words of comfort. At this time, the phone rang! It was his call. I picked up the phone. Unexpectedly, he did not say anything to comfort me, but invited me to go to the beach the next day. "What?" I suspect that I have got it wrong. But I am subconsciously agreeing with nature. "I will never go to the show anyway!" I muttered. Time flies, we came to the beach. We came to a place near the waves and piled up a sand castle. Suddenly, a big wave rushed to the beach Cigarettes Online. My feet have clearly felt its power. The sand castle was instantly overwhelmed, and I shook my head helplessly Wholesale Cigarettes. "Look there -" He turned his head and pointed to a reef. "The big waves just destroyed the sandcastle, but the reef was innocent. The waves couldn't fall over it, only to make him more polished, the sun could not evaporate him, only To make him harder Newport Cigarettes Coupons. He turned his gaze to another stone. "Like him, he only dared to stay in the interior and did not dare to welcome the baptism of the sea. When the real big waves come, it will only be torn apart. "I groaned, looked at the two stones, and clenched my fists unconsciously. A few days later, I came to the concert hall with him, but I didn't have any fear. I gently stroked the keys and played. Playing melodious melody. I heard the sound of the waves in my heart, but I understand that only after a small wave can resist the big waves, can I really grow up. With this belief, I continue to play and grow. The movement continues to welcome the new waves.
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