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07.10.2019 08:41
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y memory, childhood, I always spend time playing with the children of my neighbors, but I can't forget the "beans". In the hot sun, we are playing in the fields in the hot sunshine. The joyful laughter always lingers in the green rice fields, and the hot sun can't stop us from playing. Put a kite on the grass, fight in the vegetable field, and enjoy the cool under the dense banyan tree In the evening, there was no summer fumigation, and we ran on the grass more joyfully. Although the wind blew in the evening, the laughter of the wild gas melted the cold. The fireflies lighted up our "playground" road for us. We didn't return to "beans" all night. It was my most intimate and apt partner, and every time our "activities" always had his and. He is also a recognized "military division". In every "fight" with adults, he always bears the brunt of giving us advice and generalizing the overall situation, and often we can always win. Today is summer night, the moonlight through the window, the frost is cold, I took out a toffee, white and white. I silently looked at the toffee, a big teardrop on the sugar, not recalling the night when the beans were separated. He looked at me and said, "My mother said, I will stay here. When I grow up, I will go to farm." He sighed in disappointment. I don't know why he sighed low Cigarettes Online, I don't know. Why did you sigh low? ��Is it fun in the city?�� The beans thought of something, ask me. I should also be with him; "It's fun. There are big iron cows that can run, tens of meters of strange buildings..." I couldn't stop talking. Just when I was happy and happy, the beans put a thing in my hand and climbed up. When I ran, I said to me: "Be sure to study hard, you don't have that life, you must fight for it!" I stared at him. In the dark night, he ran farther and farther, and ran farther and farther... I looked at the things in my hand��a piece of toffee. In that era, the toffee was not bought casually. I looked at the white toffee, and a sadness in the heart followed. It was a parting pain, a friendship pain, and a big tear. Wet the toffee. I left that day, and the figure I hoped for didn't come Marlboro Lights. I didn't come to what I expected. I feel that I have taken on a responsibility, a sense of mission, and at that time I really felt that I grew up. The sustenance of beans is my responsibility. I am growing up with the hope of beans. Sometimes it is not difficult. As long as you have the ability to bear, as long as you feel the mission, you really grow up.

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