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22.08.2019 09:32
I remember when I was Antworten

I remember when I was studying at Lion Rock four or five years ago, I had a friend of the university, a very good friend, and my family was in the south. I had never seen snow since I was young, so I was inspired to test the North. However, because the winter in the north was too cold and cold, and I was afraid that I could not resist the wind and the "whistle", I would not dare to test the place to the north. Therefore, I chose the junction of Jiangnan Jiangbei. . In my memory, in the years of college, Wuhan rarely went to the snow. My friend is very disappointed. If this is a fairy tale, going to an area in order to see the desire of snow is also a persistent and dreamy youth. However, probably in the fourth grade, we were internships at the school, and the mythical winter brought magic to Wuhan. The continuous snowflake, coming from the sky, is like a fairy, blossoming with the blessing of satisfying a child's wishes. It is not a charismatic charity, but it is very popular for a person who is overjoyed and feels generous or extravagant. Then, the happy youth shines in the snow, the snow slaps up, the snowman piles up, and even the gentle and gentle little Svens are involved in the battle, not to mention the bad guys who are usually naughty. What is this, is the bloom of youth? Youth is like a rainbow, and there is a resounding day in the wind and the wind filled with the snow. Unfortunately, youth can't write for the second time. Youth is like a poem, gradually covered by pears. In the morning of these pear blossoms, I can't get involved in the battle. Pear blossoms full of trees Wholesale Cigarettes, white as the god of war in the sacred world. As perfect as poetry, no need to express, no need to think. But she once again buried our lover. This is a transcript that we have not completed. Scribbled youth, written in a secluded workshop with a broken sentence. The footprints of the wrong step, stepping on the romantic field, can't be erroneous in every detail. Cold midnight, I once again fantasized about the lightness or dignity of the world. My sleep, can still sleep on another lively youth. The previous page turned over and chatted with youth, such as yesterday. I believe she is an embodiment of youth. I can't bear to break my sight, I read those short words. She is smart and sensitive, and her heart is heartfelt. The beautiful story goes hand in hand, and the sad emotions are like tears. But strong as a belief, stick to the spring. After a few hours of trekking, she quickly entered her hometown. To be honest, my heart and her load together made a restless distraction and imagination. I am constantly doing my inner expansion, and my anxiety is to forget everything. Including the most basic warmth and dry food I need to meet. I thought that youth should rest. I still missed my youth. Youth is immortal, youth does not need rest. She is going to visit the legendary Erqiao Park and play snowballs. I envy them and envy youth. However, she said that she is 20 years old and her youth has passed away. I don't know if this sentimentality from her unreasonable position comes to the 20-year-old youth. When she is sixteen or seven years old, she will feel that you are young and full of youth. When you are seventeen or eight, you will feel that you are really revealing, and you are crying at the age of twenty. Will be taken by the police uncle to investigate the mental state. The youthful of this hippie smiley face is still a little bit tender and tender. However, Plato's words are still not very convinced. Plato said that he always believed that there is a person in the world who loves him and loves him deeply. Youth, I began to pursue the doubts here. Do you believe it? Still do not believe? I don��t understand. hazy. Oh, this wonderful youth! Youth said that yesterday I was going to wear my frame to a little snowman, but the snowman was destroyed by my friends, so I was tragedy. I don't know if her frame is the color I saw - that black is as my eyes perceive. Underneath the frame is her childish and youthful face, the sun and the unstoppable spirit. Such as a hundred years of heavy snow, life is difficult. I don't know if youth feels like it has been shattered, because her tone is mixed with the sigh of hope Newport Cigarettes. I said, then give it a head, or else the sun will become a headless little devil, even more tragic. Youth said, oh... also right. But fortunately it is very small, if it is too big and the wood has a head, it is terrible. Ha ha. She used to bully the little child in the snowman. It was a reunion filled with snowflakes. Have we learned not to cry easily? Keeping youth Online Cigarettes, neglecting the past. Time is pulled by the horse, always facing the other side. And just on the eve, my youth suddenly woke up. I didn't care, I was so whimsical that I pulled closer to her by the echo of youth in the snow. I would rather believe that the little snowman is a fairy tale in my fantasy, this fairy tale is connected with a lively youth and a lost past. But what about the blue image of the flow year? In her mind, she is full of her own imagination. For example, the relationship between squares, lawns, statues, black shadows and the sun.
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