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22.08.2019 09:31
It is also like this Antworten

It is also like this year, first sight, in the twilight dusk. There is no snow, the temperature is not zero. The feelings in those words, the moment of real eyes meet. The fragility and helplessness of your heart are turned into tears in front of me. That tears, silent. But my heart is soaked through the night sky, the cold star is a little bit. The shadow is long and quietly paved. Shallow and shallow leaves, cold hands and feet, warm eyes and smile in your eyes. It��s another month, and it��s zero tonight. Lijiang hasn��t snowed in January for many years, and the snowflake is full of valleys tonight. You are snowing every year, and this year is no exception. But you can't greet, you can't collect the snowflake you mailed. Melting softly in my heart. Even in the winter, the flowers of Lijiang are still lush, dense and lustre. The mountains and plains are full of rhododendrons, camellia, and a kind of lavender, I call it a small flower of broken rice. Foreign tourists, women walk slowly like flowers. In the light whisper, there are always flowers boiling under their fingers. The beautiful legends are so vivid. For example, the woman who loves Lijiang deeply, she is wearing a hollow lattice window, old and striking. The orange lantern is lazy and half hung. The music is like a stream in the air. That atmosphere is what she is happy with. She still gently covered the two flames in her eyes. The mysterious silk was once lingering in her white shirt. There is Lijiang��s interest in the Yan, Lijiang��s body. In Lijiang. She is always drunk slightly. Then, she is drunk. Drunk in tears, drunk in alcohol, drunk in the quiet silence of the Shuhe. Drunk in my heart. Goodbye, separated by a long period of time. In fact, it is only a short period of time, just because there is no sleep, because waiting, because I miss. Also because it is rolling. Pain in the heart. Then, tears flooded the whole night. I. Indulge in the flow, can't find that forever. The season is full of nostalgic flavors. The snowflake smiles in the branches, and the white smile is like the light of the young Marlboro Lights. Kneeling, those who are sad in time have become long and long Parliament Cigarettes. The memory has been put on hold for too long, and this sort of sifting is an encounter with Sifang Street. Light and shadow. The elegant pattern, the level of the level Cheap Cigarettes, seems to be able to hear the sound of the flowers on the feet. The black and white keyboard blew the same rhythm. The mood is also somewhat black and white, but I don't know what kind of words to start a dialogue. Make a cup of tea, through the bitter and delicate fragrance, the exquisite spoon is stirred up, such as stirring up the long-lost heart. Those bitterness also seems to be exquisite, swallowing, but not very clear. Sweet bitter? Or maybe half of the sweet sadness? The handle looks like the road, silently continues to extend the end of winter in the air, slightly cool, damp. There is also the taste of warm sun. I hope that after many years, when we are all old, we can still remember the past in black and white. We used to be like our loved ones.
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