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08.08.2019 08:12
Yesterday morning Antworten

Yesterday morning, I stepped on a shit, just on the walking path I walked every day. When I breathed in the fresh, slightly moisturized air in the morning, and walked away on the walking path, my right foot just stepped in the middle of the shit. It was a shit with a large volume and a hot air. It was in the middle of the walkway and must have been pulled by a big dog who had just left. The walking trails that I have walked in front of me are very clean. I think the road behind me is also the same, because every morning when the sky is not bright, an old lady cleaner responsible for the hygiene of this walking path is always before I come Marlboro Lights. I have been sweeping away from the spot, so today I am still walking away with confidence as I have always done. When my right foot suddenly slipped and my body slammed backwards, I immediately burst into a cold sweat: bad food! I hurried across the walking path, scratching the soles and uppers with grass in the lawn next to me, and I couldn't wipe the skin off. After I had no intention of walking, I found a convenient bag to put the shoes on, and threw them into the garbage bin in the downstairs. I have worn this pair of shoes for less than a year. It is a public garden not far from my home. A few years ago, I was still looking around for a house. After dinner one day, my friend invited me to go for a walk and brought me here. When I first came here, I immediately fell in love with it because she was away from home (I didn��t have my own house at the time, just not far from here) The place to rent) not far away, you can come here for a walk in the morning and evening, this is the most ideal living environment I hope most. When I was looking for a house, I circled the area directly near the garden When I found the current house, the structure of the house was exactly what I wanted Marlboro Cigarettes. At that time, I thought, I really had a frontier. Now! Without much consideration, I decided to buy a person who would exercise every day to cross the garden with the traffic barrier placed in the middle of the road. After the road was repaired, it immediately became a busy city main road. The traffic was very rushed. No one dared to climb the guardrail in the fast-moving traffic to the garden. Every morning and after dinner, I put on leisure. Installed, through an underground aisle not far away, to the small garden. There is a small square in the garden. There is a city sculpture next to the square. There are two high-intensity spotlights on the opposite side of the sculpture. When the night comes, the spotlights are on, and the women come with their children. The children like to climb the sculptor table, feel the horse legs and the horses, and the women sit and chat. I don't know which day a romantic couple is really bored, and improvisation has set off a dance step in the field. Later, when a good dancer came to the walk, he joined the dance forest, so it became an open-air dance floor. The dance floor has now formed a considerable scale, which is also due to a middle-aged beauty and a short old man. The middle-aged beauty and the short old man are very beautiful. At first glance, they know that they are professionally trained dance forests. Master. In the morning and evening, the two of them used electric cars to bring two large speakers and a player. They taught the middle-aged women to dance for free. The people who came here every day danced and filled a small square. A group of migrant workers on the nearby construction site who had no place to live in the evening were also attracted by the dance of music and beauty. They sat on the stone bench in a regular manner, cocked their
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