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legs and smoked their cigarettes. Staring at the dance floor, they can't appreciate the dance. Their main purpose is to look at the beauty and eye. An old lady with a silvery face and a good looking face pulled up her own team on the lawn next to it. Judging from her movements, the old lady should be born of Chinese medicine, know medicine, and master the acupressure technique. Every morning, she appears here on time, with a bunch of old ladies massage acupuncture points, so that I don��t know whether to join in the fun or how to squat. The dog is coming too. At the beginning, there were only a few dog owners with a few dogs. In a few days, the number of dogs coming over every day was nearly twenty. Perhaps these people have formed their own entertainment group because of their common interests. Every day when we came out, they came out with their dogs. On the narrow pedestrian path, the dog became the protagonist. It is the time when the dog is walking. Sometimes, when I walked close to the middle of the road, a strong, spit-shouldered dog, my heart was always nervous, worried that the dog suspected that I was not good, and suddenly launched a fierce attack on me. At this time, I always give my way to the dog early and walk carefully through the expression of kindness and care. The other terrible thing is that sometimes I walked away and walked inadvertently Online Cigarettes, and found a hot shit on the road behind me! This group of middle-aged paparazzi is thundering every day. The time is gathered very accurately here. The dogs are scattered and let them chase and play on the lawn. They talk about dogs and enjoy the dogs. game. The backpack on the body carries the special dog food bought, the dog water bottle and the bowl for the dog to drink water, and the special brush for grooming the dog hair. They gave the dog a name that was more familiar than the name of the person, such as baby, Want Want, Salsa, etc., evoke the dog to make people listen to some of the numbness. Some also gave their dogs a red scarf on their necks, and they were wearing very beautiful flower clothes that were absolutely made, and some were still wearing red bells on the dog's ears, hanging small bells, and the dogs were their own. Every time the child sees this group of people, I think of the children in the poor areas that are on the TV that can't afford to pay for dozens of books a year. Their tears of pity that are eager to go to school. Urban people raise dogs no more than dogs in the countryside. Dogs raised in the city are pet dogs. The identity is much higher than that of rural dogs. Some famous dogs are hundreds of thousands of dollars. The average dog is also sold in the dog market. At a low price, only those with good family economic conditions can afford it. The cost of living for dogs is much higher than that of dogs raised in rural areas Marlboro Cigarettes. Dogs in rural areas are looking for food everywhere. Dogs in the city are reserved for dogs. Dog food is exclusively for dogs. There are shops selling dog food. It is scientifically formulated and the price is not bad. There is also a store that specializes in providing life services for dogs. It takes a lot of money to wash a dog for a bath. It is much more expensive than ordinary people to go to the bathhouse for a bath. The treatment of dogs in the city is longer than those who are reluctant to spend money to stay at the hotel. The migrant workers who lived under the underground road and under the bridge were not at a higher level. In the rural areas, many dogs are used to look at the nursing home. The people in the city raise the dog as a pet, and the dog is raised as a child. Dogs raised in rural areas do not need special care. The dog-raiser in the city is mostly idle at home, and there is no financial burden at home. They have too much time to pay, and the dog can do it. A companion, you can also get a kind of comfort to see the help of the paparazzi, in the middle age, it is the golden season of creating wealth in a lifetime, how to not spend time and energy on creating more social wealth. What? If your personal energy and wealth are abundant Marlboro Gold, why not do social charity? Helping others will benefit you as well. If they take time and energy to do charity, they will certainly get more harvest than this. The dog is a particularly intelligent and very spiritual animal. It is particularly human except that the nose is very sensitive. For example, when people swear, "something like a running dog" means that it knows that it is absolutely loyal to the owner. If there is no long-term emotional training between the person and the dog, it is impossible to achieve this tacit understanding. Therefore, when people and dogs get together for a long time, the dog owner's personality will be expressed on the dog's body. Although they have no direct communication with humans, they are able to understand their masters. People can train dogs to help people with disaster relief, assist with criminal investigations, and so on. Some of the high-level activities that can't be reached even more. People's habits and accomplishments can also train and influence dogs. If a dog-raiser takes a dog as a child, it should affect and educate them like a child, let them develop good habits, not pull the urine, and not only invade others, but when Knowing the comity, not the dogwalk, opening his mouth, hanging the hot red tongue, leisurely, let people give way to him. If you want to pull it, you will lick your buttocks. This kind of dog is definitely an uncultivated dog. It is no different from cruelly killing the same kind of wild dog in the forest all day to grab the food you live. Here, I want to say that raising a dog must first cultivate one's own virtues. Otherwise, he is certainly not as good as a dog.
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