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10.07.2019 03:45
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When I was young, I used mahjong and poker to build a variety of castles. I also clearly felt that kind of seriousness, piece by piece, and careful; I would use colorful paper to fold a variety of things, what penguins are smashing; The boat was placed in the low sloping rain, watching it shake this forward; the neighboring boy would pick up the seller's car and take the dish as a spoil. Later, I met with a variety of people, met, and I skipped classes, taught me to sing, and I bickered, like to lie to me, wretched, and special love to fight Online Cigarettes. They are warming each other, and they are running each other. Resentful to the world, how thin, fortunately, last year, the catkins spring, the spring breeze wants to blame, which can be stunned. Time flies from the fingertips, and how the face of the coming year will be red with this burning peach. Wang Changling's poem: "Luoyang relatives and friends ask each other, how sweet and holy is the ice heart in the jade pot, but I am afraid that "Luoyang relatives and friends are in peace now, what is the jade pot ice heart?" "If it wasn't for this annoying time, why come "the most human beings can't stay, Zhu Yan resigns the tree and sings the tree" verses. The childhood castle fell again and again, never got up again, Penguin and ���I went to find a new owner who was a childlike child. After a long boat trip, I sank, and the regulars who sold vegetables didn��t see the time again. What happened to you, and I fell in the long river of the years, never remembered! A fragrance The flower, which was devastated in the flowers, only a few petals, trembled to the ground of the flower soul, the wind swayed its tears on the face, the glittering pearls shimmered on the ground. The wind last night Still not stopping, where did the bustling scenes go in the past? Isn't the bee the most loved flower? Isn't the butterfly the favorite flower? Isn't the insect most tempted? Where is it now? The original bustling is also It��s so dying, isn��t the bird like to sing this prosperous country? Now I don��t see one Marlboro Cigarettes, is it the West Wind or the West Wind? I don��t know how to love this flower Marlboro Red. Is it not irresistible? Maybe I am a personality person. I am too emotional. In the face of the green hills Carton Of Cigarettes, I silently rumored, I know that I am as insignificant as the dust, facing the vastness of the sky, I know that my smallness, the smallness of the sea is so small! In this vast ããIn the universe, I am a dazzling sun. Can't you laugh? In this vast universe, I have to be a moon in the night, and I can't laugh at it. The stars in the starry sky are stirring, if I am the brightest one. I don��t know how to laugh. I saw my smallness. I saw my sorrow. My heart was destroyed like a flower. My dream is like the flower soul that has fallen. My dream is in reality. I am too pessimistic. Maybe life is to have the dream of the sun, the moon, and the stars! But where is my hope? I am a dead wood, I am eager to spend a day, and one day my dream blooms. Come, open the tempting flowers, the dead wood has spring? It��s really crazy, I really want to see the river soup, I have come to the world forever, but where is my time? My youth is still leaving me. My black hair has also been white, I am old, my body, my old age, deep wrinkles. I can��t help but grieve, where is my time? In the deep darkness, I say that youth is swaying, It is said that people are not old and green Marlboro Lights, and it is the sorrowful person in the world. I am a pessimistic person. I just want to look at the real time and life. I am used to the bustling and accustomed to the glitz. I don��t want to be greedy, not between dreams and reality, between ideals and reality, and suffer from it. I abandon my former recklessness and ambition, go through ordinary days, and have my elderly parents who depend on me. There are warmth and warmth of my wife and daughter in the days. I have my own happiness in this day. I have a passion for life in this day.
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