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10.07.2019 03:45
Driving a car is not Antworten

Driving a car is not a new thing for people in modern society. But for me, this stupid person is a blank piece of paper. It must start from the beginning. "It��s like building a foundation from the pit to build a foundation." After that, the sparring told me. My driver��s license should be reviewed this year, do you know? Six years. It��s not true that I have only driven two cars since I got my driver��s license! Once, the first time the manual file was opened when I was not in the light, the automatic gear. It was a young old driver who invited me to go out to play. If I didn't go, he said, "Teach you to drive and go!" I couldn't help but tempted me to drive on the road under his guidance. Speed ??control with throttle (there was no "automatic" and "manual" concept at the time), and it took about ten kilometers! It was at noon on a big day. You couldn��t see a car on the ��township road��, and you couldn��t see a person. There wasn��t even a shadow on a bicycle. The road in front of you was straight for a while and bent again. The tree flew backwards, very happy. This is one of the reasons why I later gave my driver's license. The second drive is a friend's car after obtaining a driver's license. On a wide avenue in the northern suburbs of Xi'an, it is called the Eight Lanes. The straight road in front has not yet been opened. It is three or four hundred meters long. Under the guidance of friends, I used the low speed for less than an hour, and it ended. Practice the car. After that, I forgot all about the simplest driving instructions, and I didn't remember it at all. After a friend introduced me, I found a professional sparring. One night, the sky was black and black, and I was called by the sparring. Let me wait for him at a gas station in the North Second Ring Road. After more than ten minutes, he drove over Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and there were two girls who didn't look too big. After a few conversations with me, I let me take a ride in his car. First, I sent a girl to the house, then took me and another girl and drove to the road near Xi'an Weihe to a road where I couldn't name it. I said, "W know you?" I replied: "Know! He stopped for a moment and said: Have you brought the book? I said, "No." He said: "The next time I want to bring a notebook. I" ah, "I heard it," thought: "I just talked a few words, signed an agreement, and paid a few hundred dollars for the training fee. I got on the bus, and I didn't even have a mental preparation. Fortunately, according to his instructions on the phone, I took a driver's license. If the police got caught, it would not be driving without a license. He said to the W symbol he painted: "This is the gear, the above is 1 3, 5 files, the following is 2, 4, reverse "" Remember! On the odd, the next even." I did not raise the bar can think: "That 'reverse' is the number?" He said, he let I sat in the driver's position, and under his guidance, fastened the seat belt and started the car. It was getting late and the street lights were all bright. The sparring allowed me to put the car in the third gear (it seems to be the fourth gear), and he began to practice driving by his command. When the car drove to a place where people and cars were few, the sparring allowed me to stop the car. He began to teach me. Start (step on the clutch, hang a gear, loose clutch Newport 100S, forward; then step on the clutch, hang the second gear, loose clutch, forward) - stop (step on the brakes, step on the clutch, hang in the neutral). - Parking - start! After doing this reciprocation for several times, he asked me to turn left to turn the light, change the road to turn left, although the street lights are clear, but there are black shadows on the road, and the big trees on the road are covered. At this moment, there are fewer cars on the road. But occasionally the speed of the passing cars is very high, and the big carts that pull the soil, humming "B-B--" low, thick, and screaming long, really horrible. The speed of the car is very slow. If it is not in place, it will turn off. Sparring let me give some oil, but my feet don't rest on the brakes, I don't dare to leave the foot brakes easily (in fact, there are brakes at the foot of the sparring). The little girl sitting behind the car said to the sparring: "You don't let him step on the gas pedal, he can't control it! Listening to the sound of "squeaking" in the ear, watching the flashing car, my heart is One shock: "My mother! I��m scared to death, there are two (drivers and little girls) in the car.�� My first official drive was to start the process of ��taking the car and then learning the car��. ? "I think: "Get it!" "I can learn the car, and I didn't tell anyone. When I was out of the house, the women were not at home, and I didn't know that I was learning the car! If this is something Marlboro Cigarettes, can I do it? I secretly sneak up on myself and think about it, I am I really admire the courage of this little coach. He is slightly darker, and there is a string of snake-shaped scars behind his neck. He is small, about one meter and five or five points, according to what he said: "I have short legs" He has to adjust the seat first. His Mandarin is good, the male magnetic is strong, very sexy. I asked him how old he is, got married? He replied: "At the age of 28, my wife has just been pregnant for two months and is resting at home. No job, rely on me to feed. Later, I learned that the car was sitting on his wife and accompanying him to practice the car once. He gave the wife 100 yuan. Haha, this young man is in charge of the financial power of the family. My heart trembles slightly: "Sportsmanship, this individual labor It��s not easy! "If I finish learning, I will be no danger. But he has the next one, the next one is finished, and the next one. It is not that you don't want to have "next", one more "next", he can earn More money, to feed him and his wife. The problem is that beginners must take the risk out of him! The novice is dangerous when driving. He is also sitting in the car! Look at his eyes He listened to all directions, kept looking around and looking around. His heart was hung. Now people who are holding iron rice bowls, do you know this? In the society, there are always some people in the unit who are dissatisfied with the status quo, venting foreigners Online Cigarettes, eager for quick success. The monks hit the clock, the good and the bad, the mutual comparison, the cynicism abound, the so-called: the world has nothing to do, the mediocrity is self-interested. In contrast, the freelancers who rely on their own hands to work are not easy to learn. Once, two and a half hours. A few days later, my wife and daughter came home, I talked about how I learned the car: "This coach taught well, I remember a lot. "They were glad for me and they sweated for me. My daughter asked me: "The coach is how old," I said. "Not big, just pregnant for two months." "The daughter said: "Ah! Still a female coach? "I said: "No! His wife is pregnant for two months. "Haha! How can I steal the concept? I haven��t asked for it. It��s been another five or six days. We agreed on my second training time on the
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