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15.06.2019 03:07
what! It is the place Antworten

what! It is the place where I grew up..." This song should have been heard by everyone. Hometown - the holy place in my heart. In my hometown, she is beautiful! It is the cradle of my happiness Parliament Cigarettes, I am like a seedling in my hometown. The fertile land thrives. My hometown, Jingzhou, Hubei, where the four seasons are particularly beautiful, let me take you to this land, and slowly explore it Marlboro Lights. The spring breeze blows the grass and blows green. The willows, the flowers were blown open, and the river was awakened. The river sang cheerful songs and ran through the door of my house Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The swallows returned, dancing in the sky with a gentleman-like dance, which was pleasing to the eye. I lay On the grass, admire the graceful melody of the spring sister, feel the touch of the gentle spring breeze, like the intoxication! Know! Know!" In a twinkling of an eye, the hot summer is over, even the knowledge on the tree is hot. call. The sun is like a huge hot fireball, and it ruthlessly roasts the earth. Under the scorching sun, people are sweating one by one. The old man was cool under the big tree Cigarettes Online, while shaking the palm fan in his hand, while squatting at home, the scene of a happy and happy scene came, and the autumn girl came to the orchard with a light footstep, only to see the autumn girl waving a hand, immediately on the fruit tree. It is full of various fruits, colors, fragrances and tastes; there are flaming apples, golden bananas, orange-orange oranges, and red-scented persimmons... it is dazzling. Autumn is really a good season for a good harvest. The beautiful autumn is over, and the cold winter comes with the afterglow of the autumn girl. In winter, the cold wind whistling, the north wind raging, the goose-like snow fell from the sky, and in a flash, the earth was covered with a thick "cold coat." On the houses and tree shingles, there are also shadows of "clothes" Cheap Cigarettes. Even the small river in front of the house is "attached" with a thin layer of ice. People rarely go out in this cold season, unless they want to buy some household items such as rice, oil, salt and vinegar, otherwise they will never go out, and even if they go out, they are tightly wrapped in thick coats and erect collars. I put on my hat and hurriedly rushed to the road. I love the warmth of spring, the heat of summer, the coolness of autumn, the coldness of winter, the seasons of my hometown, the love of my beautiful hometown, the land of Jingchu Hubei!
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