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The Broncos have had enough of Chad Kelly.Kelly Womens Courtland Sutton Jersey , the backup quarterback who was arrested early yesterday morning for criminal trespassing, was cut by Denver today.That’s a harsh punishment, but Kelly had to know he was out of second chances: He dropped to the very end of last year’s draft because of off-field problems when he was in college, and the Broncos surely warned him that he was going to be on a short leash.There had been some talk that Kelly could start for the Broncos this year if Case Keenum continued to struggle, but now there’s no chance of that happening. Kevin Hogan will move up to No. 2 on the depth chart behind Keenum.Kelly will be subject to waivers, which means any team that wants him can have him, paying him only the league minimum salary for the rest of this season. If there’s a team that thinks Kelly has the potential to be a starting quarterback some day, he could easily get claimed. But a lot of teams will decide he’s more trouble than he’s worth.NFL Power Rankings Week 4: NFL is very top heavy in 2018 I’m going to try really freaking hard to not be all “doom and gloom” about the Broncos this week. I mean, I predicted this outcome twice last week. Once in my NFL Predictions column, and the other in the Staff’s column. Sure, I was the only staff member who lives in the real world and saw this as the loss it was always going to be, but it still hurts to see it unfold the way it did.Here’s the thing: Yes, the Broncos got jobbed on some straight up game wrecking calls. We also got jobbed on a bunch of legit calls. Now to answer your obvious question: If the call was legit (such as holding) then how in the hell did the Broncos get jobbed? I’m so glad you asked, and the answer is simple: Because they didn’t call holding on the Ravens when there was obvious holding, yet they called it on the Broncos when there was obvious holding. Look, if you’re gonna call a game one way, at least call it the same way for both freaking teams! /End RantThe Good: We were hella efficient in the opening 2 drives. 1 pay and a touchdown. Another play and another touchdown. The rout was on, right? DT also remembered his hands that day. And, umm, umm, umm, yeah, that’s about it. That’s all I got for the good.The Bad: Our quarterback is SURELY better than this, right? Look Case, you’re apparently going to throw interceptions no matter what, so at least do so while trying to run an electric and high tempo offense. I’d rather you throw 3 INTS like you did in week 1 and have us look like an offense that is waiting to explode than throw 1 interception and have us look like Siemian Lite out there. How about our secondary? Do you want to know the most troubling stat I have seen all year? 8.2 and 8.0. What are those numbers? 8.2 is the number of yards per pass play that the Broncos allow. Ok, so what’s the 8.0? That’s the yards per pass play that the Kansas City Chiefs allow. Yes ladies and gentlemen Youth Bradley Roby Jersey , the Chiefs and their “sad ass defense” is actually BETTER than the Broncos “we got an amazing defense!” Why do I mention that? Oh, you know, because we play them next Monday. And if the Chiefs Offense is a McClaren P1, then the Broncos offense is a beat-up rust bucket that backfires and has bathroom towels as seat covers. But fear not Broncos Country, at least their defense is pathetic so it’ll keep us in the game, right? Yeah, until you look and see our defense is actually more pathetic in the passing game, you know, where most of NFL offense is generated. So yeah, color me pessimistic about our chances. I’m hoping the Chiefs “only” double our score and don’t triple it... at home... in Denver... in Prime Time.Now onto the rankings. Remember, I’m ranking teams as they stand TODAY. Not a culmination of last year or the last decade. If they look like they are world beaters today, they’ll be ranked high regardless of what their record is. After-all, if we went by record alone, then Power Rankings wouldn’t exist, you could just look in your local newspaper (do they even exist anymore?) to see the standings.POWER RANKINGS WEEK 41. Los Angeles Rams:The Rams are the NFL’s best and most complete team. Their defense is legit and their offense is high scoring. Now be honest with me people, who here saw Talib snatch that ball for a fumble and think to themselves “why did we trade him away again? Oh yeah, because he thought Vance Joseph was a crap coach... which he is!” Yeah, you are missed Talib. Sorely missed.2. Kansas City Chiefs:I think the Chief fans are in denial about their team. Last week I had them #2 and they bitched and moaned that the Jags were. So after I was proven 100% correct, what will their excuse be to complain this week? Is it because their QB is in a “slump” because he only threw 3 TDs instead of 5? Look, the Rams are clearly the best team in the NFL, but the Chiefs are clearly the 2nd best. The NFL is currently like the NBA, 2-4 mega good teams, and then “the rest.” The AFC and NFC have the two best teams in football. Everyone else is just cannon fodder till playoff time. 3. Philadelphia Eagles:We now see the Eagles start to move towards their end of year lofty perch. Carson Wentz showed that there wasn’t a whole hell of a lot of rust, and he’s picking up where he left off, which is music to all their fans’ ears. 4. New Orleans Saints:The Saints look a lot like the Chiefs, just with a worse defense (who knew that was even possible?). They are scoring at will, but also giving up scores almost as frequently. Why have them at #4? Because why not? Outside of the two top teams Womens Bradley Chubb Jersey , all the others have plenty of flaws. If the Eagles pick up with Wentz where they left off, then we’ll have a clear Top 3. But after that, the Saints are as worthy as any to be right here.5. Jacksonville Jaguars:The waters are muddy for the next 5-10 teams. Are the Jags better? Probably, but how can we be so sure when you score a whopping 6 points! That’s inexcusable for a Top 5 team and borderline inexcusable for a Top 12 team. Fortunately for them, there were a lot of eggs laid this last Sunday, so here you go. You’re welcome Blake Bortles.6. Carolina Panthers:Look at C.J. Anderson rumbling down the sideline! This team can do some good things if they don’t try getting too cute.7. Cincinnati Bengals: Are they really this high? For today they are simply because I don’t trust anyone else below them to really be better than them today. 8. Baltimore Ravens:Much like the Bengals, they are really here by default as there really isn’t many teams below them that I’d trust to beat them, or at least be this high up. I told you the waters are muddy in no-mans-land.9. Miami Dolphins:I struggle with these guys as I’m still not sure if they are really all that good or if they’re just this lucky. But if Woody Harrelson taught us anything in Zombieland, “Sometimes its better to be lucky than good.” So here you go Miami, Top 10 for you!10. Cleveland Browns:WHAT?!?! Yes, Baker Mayfield mania is gonna take over! The Browns defense is legit and now their offense can score. Isn’t that right Baker?11. Washington Redskins:Say hello to the last “if the playoffs started today, this is the last team in” teams. Are they deserving? Who the hell knows anymore. Show me a team outside of the Rams that isn’t flawed and I’ll answer this question for you. But they are playing above average for the 2018 season, especially seeing up is now down with the historically dominant teams looking so “meh”.12. Green Bay Packers:I’m not sure I want to put them here, but everyone else around them is crumbling just as fast. At least they still have a semi-healthy Aaron Rodgers, and eventually Clay Matthews won’t be called for roughing the passer. Maybe. 13. Chicago Bears:I simply can’t put them higher than the Packers seeing the Packers beat them already. Mack is looking like he plays Michael Schofield every week. Maybe he needed to get out of Oakland to see his true potential? 14. Denver Broncos:Let the free-fall begin. If they play this brand of pathetic defense and offense, we shouldn’t count on a much better record than last year. I believe Doc Holiday said it best:15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:It looked like the clock had struck midnight on Fitzmagic, but 17 unanswered points in the second half keeps that dream alive for Bucs fans, even if it was complete garbage time! 16. Tennessee Titans:Why? Because I’m still not a believer. Hey, they beat Blake Bortles and held him to 6 points. But is that really an accomplishment? Is it? ... IS IT?!?!???17. Atlanta Falcons:I almost feel sorry for the Dirty Birds. They are so close to being 3-0. I believe the phrase is “Always a bridesmaid, never the bride!” 18. Minnesota Vikings:hahahahahaha wow, best $90 million EVER! hahahahahahaha19. Indianapolis Colts:They’re close to being good again. With each rep, Andrew Luck gets better. It’s still interesting that they pulled him for a Hail Mary throw. Is it because he’s lacking the strength? Or is it because they didn’t want to risk injury by having him air it out? 20. New England Patriots:I LOVE watching this team in full decline. I don’t expect it to last much longer, and they’ll probably finish the season something ridiculous like 14-2, but today, as they stand, they aren’t all that good. 21. Los Angeles Chargers:They aren’t all that bad, but they aren’t all that good either. One thing is for sure though , Antonio Gates is gonna destroy the Broncos defense. He looked 25 out there on Sunday, and we have to play them twice in the last few weeks of the season! Yikes!22. Pittsburgh Steelers:Mike Tomlin might bet canned. And you know what? That bodes well for the Broncos. Why? Because you might be looking at our next head coach. This team is destroying itself from the inside, but they still have a ton of talent.23. Oakland Raiders:Once they pull it together, they’ll start winning a few. They are in every game they play, right up until the wheels fall off. They aren’t as bad as the other undefeated teams, but they until they can learn how to win a game, its safe to say they are losers.24. New York Jets:They have their rookie QB starting, and he looks just like a rookie QB. He has his ups and his downs. They are playing semi-decent in between the growing pains, which is enough to keep them out of the bottom of the barrel. 25. Buffalo Bills:Darnold won in his first start. Mayfield won in his first action. Now Allen wins in his first start. I’m beginning to see a trend here. Then again, Darnold sucked in his second start, so the jury is out on if Allen will be good, bad, or in between in his second start. Which is why they’re landing where they are on these rankings.26. Dallas Cowboys:I’m not sure what to make of this team. They aren’t any good, yet have all the flashes of hope you’d want from a younger core of players. But they’ve already gone through their growing pains, so is this really all that can be expected? Or does their coaching staff just needing to be replaced?27. Seattle Seahawks:Their defense seems to be the only thing working for them, and it isn’t a historically great defense anymore, so it isn’t nearly enough as they figure out what they have on offense and how to protect Wilson.28. New York Giants:Throwing around all that money to dependent players seems to be the perfect plan... if that plan is to lose and look stupid in doing so. Yes, I get great pleasure out of watching this team and a few of their players suffer. Deal with it.29. Detroit Lions:I’m not sure if they’re on the up-tick or not, but they did just beat the Patriots who seem to be a shell of their former self. So lets string together a few more wins before you see real movement from the bottom dwellers. Until then, I’m chalking this up to Matt Patricia knowing the Patriots offense.30. Houston Texans:I’m still waiting for the magic to happen. Now at this point, I hope it doesn’t happen until after the Broncos play them.31. Arizona Cardinals:But boy oh boy did they try to win. Now we can finally see the Josh Rosen era ushered in.Seriously, can they PLEASE trade us Patrick Peterson? Please? 32. San Francisco 49ers:I hate to kick anyone when they’re down, but they are officially done with Garoppolo out for the year with a torn ACL. #1 draft pick, here you come!

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