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23.01.2019 02:54
A little girl who lov Antworten

A little girl who loves art, grows up to be a designer, she is me. people may ask: "Why do you like to be a designer?" Because I love painting when I was young, it has become an indispensable part of my life. If I don't draw a day Marlboro Red Extrea Shorts, my hands will be itchy. And when I was a child, I liked to watch "Little Princess". The clothes of Ariel, Ai Luo, Snow White, Sandy, Belle, and Jasmine are very beautiful. Whether it is a skirt or a pair of pants, which one is better than me? Pretty. Since then I have decided to become a fashion designer and make clothes that are even more beautiful than those of the princess.d I think that my art skills are very good, like me, full of beauty and vitality. Although it will not be lifelike, painting always gives me a lot of inspiration. For example, when painting the underwater world, painting fish, it always gives me a lot of inspiration, just like writing, inspiration will write an eye-opening essay; drawing is also, inspiration will draw lifelike paintings. Moreover, I will watch it very much. Unlike other people, one person says good, others say it. At that time, before the teacher taught us to do the dolls, let us prepare the cloth. Mom took me to the night market to buy cloth, I chose a lot of colors, very beautiful Buy Cigarettes Online Newport 100'S. It is as white as a wedding dress, as bright as a dynamic dress under the light, like a rainbow, and as pink as an ancient dress... The doll I made is especially beautiful, I found my eyes very select. The head of the doll is blue and white, the top is colored, the trousers are powdery, and the one I admire most is the big scorpion on the head. The big scorpion is bright, flashing in the sun, as if countless small sequins are shining Newport Cigarettes Coupons For Sale.llow the designer's path, you must have a deep artistic background, extensive knowledge of all kinds of knowledge, enrich your creative materials Newport Cartons Sold In The Usa, and enhance your aesthetic ability. Secondly, you need to have the inspiration in the design, can quickly inspire, and draw on paper at the fastest speed. To do this, I should always be close to life, because the book says: Many inspiration comes from nature and life. I think: life may account for 60%. Because art comes from life! Not only that, but also the design has amazing observation. If there is no observation, how can someone like the clothes you make? For example, a delicate spider web can be sewn with silver thread; warm sunlight can be sewn with gold thread Buy Newports Cheap In The Usa. The most important thing is the perfect match of the color blocks. There is no perfect match of color blocks. No one likes it or makes a very trendy dress. If you don't know the perfect combination of color blocks and have more talents, everything will be in vain.uture is not great, not a boss, not a manager, not a president, but a designer. However, if I try to practice painting and find the perfect match of the color blocks, it will not be worse than the clothes of the little princesses in the book.

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