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20.03.2023 03:10
What matter does this call Antworten

The Teng green mountain at a stretch speaks and pour is make Deng Geng rendered speechless.
Deng Geng tells a lie and presses Teng green mountain a head of on the truth.
Who think, the Teng green mountain Sa rises a lie, more more malicious than him.
"You ……eagle door in the sky?The group of Wei's list?How haven't I listenned to?"Deng Geng says.
"The affair that you don't know is many!"The Teng green mountain cold voice hums a way, " I eagle door in the sky receive a Zu teacher life, concealed life time existence.The world knows mine, also very few.But this time, if isn't that you besmirch ancestors' remains, I probably can't also make moves.Like, I still need to bury an ancestors, you soon and soon leave, otherwise ……"
Deng Geng annoys urgently.
What matter does this call?
His Deng Geng also language of expression is sharp, how 32, he is anti- to arrive have no truth one square.
But ……that a row of characters vestige in black iron treasure diagram'must the one who hide treasure diagram, hard rush to then is certain to die, good treasure, need to take one Ding in nine dings, this, must bear in mind!', That sentence his Deng Geng remembers it's clear.Nine dings look for of difficulty, perhaps more even higher than treasure diagram a raise!
Ever since the Yu emperor leaves a life time, the world disintegrates of several thousand in the last yearses, have already known only to only have poem sword fairy'Lee is too white'once got.
If can not get this small Ding this time, can that when get?
"I don't care what person you are!"Deng Geng facial expression dark, drink a way, " I receive to advise you and hand over to me the black small Ding.Otherwise ……this silver Cape mountain is your burial ground!You eagle door in the sky, will also face to drown of disaster!"
"How, come hardly?"Teng green mountain once the eyebrow lift and smiled.
Actually the Teng green mountain heart bottom but predict an a lot of things:"This G discovered this remains in the beginning, didn't care this'small Ding', but, looked for treasure figure in the lake bottom a hour after, now unexpectedly even the enemy of those four day after tomorrow superiors didn't report as well, want to get this small Ding!See him now, appearance grow crazy quickly, this small Ding is obvious to his importance!"
In the beginning, don't value small Ding.
Look for treasure figure a hour, but value so small Ding.
The Teng green mountain predicts very easily 1:00-Deng Geng should find out treasure diagram, and discover, this'small Ding'should be as germane as treasure diagram!
"Only so, can explain, a short short hour, his attitude to the small Ding, change so many."The Teng green mountain judges these, but remain a doubt-the previous incarnation once got a black small Ding by himself/herself, the this present life got once again.This small Ding, and iron dress door look for of'treasure diagram'exactly have what near concern?
At by this time-
"You seek dead!"Spirit hasty of Deng Geng in a twinkling change into a remnants shadow, a silver white sword only stab to the Teng green mountain.
"Come of well!"
The Teng green mountain cachinnation is 1, face sword to only hurtle.
"Qiang!"Teng green mountain left hand one space block and then want to fight with personal Deng Geng, can left hand one space block, Teng green mountain then facial expression is on changing, " isn't right!"This a sword of G is unexpectedly very light, contain of the strength is very weak, this makes the left hand of Teng green mountain Xu power, good the one punch hit in the vacancy sort.
Deng Geng's vividly an a step backwards, this retrogresses just simple of dynasty body side inclined a back.
"Burst!"Silver scale the sword is inclined to split, take a relentless of spirit blade.
Immediately Teng green mountain 1 falls on the ground, left palm fiercely one shot ground, the mountain stone ground bombs however explodes to open and produces a rebound strength of mightiness.Teng green mountain good one hair shell thwart shot into Deng Geng, at the same time once the belly twist, the whole body strength streams into a right leg, right leg ruthlessly Chuai past.
"Qiang!"Deng Geng well early anticipate the Teng green mountain have this to recruit and early and early avoid to step aside, the silver scale sword on the contrary splits neck toward the Teng green mountain.

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