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16.11.2021 04:45
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States is how of overbearing domineering, in China this miraculous place is a dragon, your getting to wear for my dish, is a tiger you must also squat down for me.Otherwise, you don't even know how to dies.
If not for the sake of oneself landlord son.Which have wear be subjected to this offense.Connect to hope to hate ground to think.However.Always want to give° this matter son to do down.It is a really big achievement again.
Connecting to hope didn't at this Be getting a hillside and tightly getting cornfield ground path up walk how long.Then suddenly jump down from the road.Walk last more narrow return be covered up ground a path by the accumulated snow.
At present and behind those another Vietnameses scold the ground get up.Because they basically walk not to spoil this kind of outward appearance to have a liking for white snow Ai Ai stop for a rest but trample empty.Take out a small way.
"All his mama shuts up for me.The small voice orders."Connect a hope consumedly the ground threaten.Pour also not afraid be heard.Here deeply more at the midnight.Coldly freeze.Connecting a ghost shadows is afraid can't have.
Knew China language ground the Vietnamese hurriedly would connect hope ground words be translated 1 time with Vietnamese words.Those people ruthlessly Pie connect one eye of hoping.The eyes expose fierce light.But finally have no again talk.
Follow a small way of this wilderness to walk to a garden pond.The garden pond edge has an independent 2 F small building.Connect to hope to walk to doorway.Haven't come yet and knock on door.Iron gate drive from in draw back.The shape high earth man stands on the doorway.Is exactly recent drive public security official hall Ji ground chief culprit Guo Cheng Yang.
"This is big cold sky of.Didn't eldest brother Guo lie in the bedding to take a break?"Connect to hope a face to smile idea ground to say.He can to behind those Vietnamese ghost impoliteness, but still need to keep passionate to this man.Don't say that he is the person whom the young master thinks greatly of first, the list is various of his record of eventses to all make people tremble with fear.Crossly fear Leng, Leng of afraid not darned.Thoroughly the this guy Che bottom is a not darned lord.
Guo Cheng Yang's body is dressed in a weak sweater, the mental state is good, there is no decadent status, Pie the eye connect a hope and say:"Come in."
"Connect spirited?"Guo Cheng Yang after waiting until all people to all enter a house, front door a close.Turn round to ask a way.
"Ha ha, young master, you also know.After got hurt last time, body condition always not so good.Although he also really thinks to meet to have a chat with you, but this is big cold sky of-----Afraid that the his body carries on the shoulder not to live."Connect to hope to beat ha ha say.
Wish, you does this identity still want to see young master now?Afraid is connect a house to want now with you set aside to return come not hasty.If not that still need to make use of you, who will take care of your dead to live?Send me to come to help you, is the young master still another to have an explaination.
Guo Cheng Yang Pie Pie mouth, the despise ground says:"At oneself ground site up return quilt to Tong one knife.Connecting the spirited was to more live to more return to.I am understand he is just thinking what.Is afraid to be stained with relation with our Guo Jia's person.Doesn't matter, as long as he could make me sending out the country that won't do the younger brother of machine to go.I this life sent to him."
This words say that the ground was very and Don't mention it, connected although the in the mind of hope cuts up rough, on the face but is that the ground of Shan Shan smile and say:"Young master afraid that eldest brother Guo misunderstands, so just send me to come over to render assistance your brothers.You see, on my name not does connect a word?If true what matter son, can connecting the house have no suspicion?"
"These brotherses all walk water pass by come of, the condition of fishing boat isn't good, really hard they.Is eldest brother Guo's meaning how to handle?If need us to connect help ground words in house, please though open mouth.Our young master said that connecting the house will have been being Guo Jia a friend."
Connect to hope to talk to back a part for a ground of time, let those Vietnamese Zis walk to Guo Cheng Yang's in front.
These Vietnamese Zi be like to Guo Cheng's anode is letter ground appearance, an is used Vietnamese and Guo Cheng Yang to talk, Guo Cheng Yang also equally uses Vietnamese and they say what, present a painful color on a face of of those people, hold a fist, very anxious to look for person to beat one to vent some kind of.
Connect to hope to hustle along station ground from a distance, so as not to disaster and oneself.Wish no wonder that this guy ability celibacy escape into the United States to also mix so big productive.Can let these Vietnamese ghosts work oneslf to the bone for him, always need some personal magic powers.

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