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The overall tone is beige, which can also be called apricot. At the same time, UV printing and concave-convex technology are used to make the box feel very textured with mesh particles. The color of the weeping willows and the lakes and mountains are vivid on the paper. The whole package is very charming. Close to the smell, a sweet scent comes out, the taste is very unique, the tobacco fills more tightly, the tobacco color is golden and shiny, the smoke is full, moist and smooth, and the cluster is quite good. The tobacco aroma is present, that sweetness The original tobacco fragrance, accompanied by a light tea fragrance lingers in the mouth, is not greasy and not light. This cigarette looks very beautiful in appearance, very spectacular and magnificent, and the slender cigarette box looks more beautiful. In terms of taste, the mouth of this cigarette is smooth, the smoke is moderate, and the smoke is delicate and full. When you open the cigarette box, there is a fragrance that is very strong. The smoke is smooth and does not choke. It is special after smoking Marlboro Gold. It is comfortable and has a long aftertaste. It is a very good thin cigarette. It is very suitable for smoking as a ration. The price is not very expensive Parliament Cigarettes, and the price is very high. The entrance of this cigarette is relatively light, the smoke is relatively full, the smoke is moderate, and the satisfaction of smoking is good, but there is a kind of odor when smoking, and there is a feeling of spicy throat. It is not very comfortable and smooth. There is also a faint fragrance in the back of the mouth, and overall this cigarette is not bad. The color of this cigarette is blue Newport Cigarettes. There are no pictures on the cigarette box, but it looks magnificent. The filter tip of the cigarette is blue, which looks very beautiful and beautiful. This cigarette smokes relatively elegant, moderate strength, full and smooth smoke, and very rich aroma. The cigarette of this cigarette has tangerine peel-scented pearls. Pinch the popped pearls and smoke it has a light tangerine peel aroma. After finishing, the mouth is slightly sweet, very comfortable and smooth aftertaste. This cigarette is worth a try.
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