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The fourth mouth is to carry out a large circulation and enter the lungs through the larynx. Compared with the previous mouths, there is no sense of resistance at all. The smoke is moderately strong, the entrance is full and full, and the smoke is sweet, and the smoke passes through the throat when entering the lungs. It is smooth and non-irritating, it feels more fulfilled when entering the lungs, and it has good clumping properties. The smoke flows smoothly between the lungs, and the nasal cavity is still very fragrant when exhaled, and the sense of satisfaction is also very good. In the fifth sip, the smoke continues smoothly, the aroma is elegant and mellow, the aroma is full and delicate, and the aftertaste is sweet and clear Marlboro Lights. After inhaling, the mouth and nose feel the comfort of high-quality smoke, and the lips and teeth feel good. At this time, three-quarters of the smoke has been smoked, and the overall quality of the smoke, especially at the end of the entire smoke, still maintains the coordination and unity with the previous paragraph Cigarettes Online. After inhaling the sixth breath, savor the feeling of the smoke brought to the respiratory tract. It is mellow and mellow, without any dryness, and the throat is moist. Continue the journey into the lungs and enjoy the fumes of the body fluid comfortably, which brings the sweetness to the mouth and the fragrance of the nostrils. In general, "Yuxi (Double Middle Branch Jade)" has a condensed and steady taste, a fragrance and sweetness, and maintains the brand's consistent original fragrance and sweetness, smooth and sweet taste. The dark green tip is drawn out and covered with moiré patterns. The body of the cigarette with a middle cigarette is particularly elegant and unique. The filter is divided into two parts. The center of the upper half is a hollow circle the size of a mung bean. When you squeeze the mouth stick with your hand, you can clearly feel its fullness and firmness. Even if you use greater force to deform the mouth stick, when you release your fingers, the mouth stick rebounds to its original shape, which is still hollow for the upper part. The filter tip is particularly rare, and the good resilience will also ensure the uniform release of smoke during inhalation. Similarly, the cigarette is firm and has good resilience. Whether it is from the bottom to the top, the finger presses up to feel the same, indicating the uniformity of the filling of the tobacco. This small detail can also tell Hongta The group's products are well made and strict quality control. Disassemble the cigarette and observe that the length and thickness of the shredded tobacco are consistent, showing a pleasing golden yellow color. Twist the shredded tobacco with your fingers and place it under your nose to smell the unique tobacco fragrance of high-quality tobacco leaves Cigarettes For Sale.
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