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ing else is sad! I g Antworten

The first smile when the climber ascended the main peak of the mountain, the helpless confusion that appeared when the wanderer was homeless, and your face flushed when you were in a dispute with a friend. These are the emoticons we have. Expressions of joy, anger, sorrow, and joy all express people's psychological activities. In fact, the expression is a kind of inner emotion. Among the many expressions, I love to smile alone, and I am deeply infatuated with this beautiful expression. It's not that other expressions are not beautiful, my love for smiles may be due to my yearning for youth and happiness, and the four seasons of the flower of smile, regardless of north and south, as long as there is someone, it will generally be open. The cleaner the heart is, the more beautiful the flower of smile is. I love the expression of smiling, because the person who smiles forever is happy, and the face who smiles forever is always young. Smiling is an understanding, a practice. A smile is a "silent Zen", a smile is confident and not frivolous, sad and not decadent, old and weak but not rigid, and youth and not rock ------ in life, we have to learn Smile, to understand the diverse and complex world, learn to use reason and self-cultivation to tailor the world's forests. Leave a smile to the pain, and the pain will slip away. But smiling and facing your own pain requires some self-cultivation. Because it is impossible for people to go through the long road of life smoothly, in the long and tortuous process, it will often be thorny and muddy. How to overcome the trough of this life, different people have different methods. Well, the smiler ��s approach is to leave a smile to the most distressing pain. The smile treats the wound like a doctor. It will drive away the winter chill like the spring breeze in February, and will illuminate the whole like a thin sun universe! Leave a smile to evil, and evil will tremble with fear. Evil is in front of a smile, as if the criminal is facing the muzzle, he will tremble with fear, this is the power of smile. Leave a smile to the weak, he will grow up in the warmth. Face the weak with a smile, let the spring breeze of the smile blow their weak bodies, let the bright expression of smile lift the waves in their hearts, and let them rekindle the fire of life. Smile is the most beautiful expression in the world. I love this expression because it tolerates pain and evil, and he holds up a blue sky for the weak. Friends Newport Cigarettes Coupons, let us learn to smile! Let's learn to learn with a smile, let's learn to fight with a smile, let's learn to look forward to with a smile, let's pick up this happy and young expression, and jointly create the spring life of 800 excellent narrative essay II The world is hot and cold, and life is like changing weather. Each person showed their unspeakable experience with different expressions Newport Cigarettes. The wind outside the window was blowing unscrupulously, accompanied by the fall of less than silk, and the heart should be calm when listening to the harmonious music, but my heart was anxious and anxious, and the school bell sounded, meaning this century At the end of the school day), I rushed out of the classroom and ran to the dotted lights. A dark blue umbrella, a delicate woman caught in my eyes, everything around was foggy, I took my mother's arm, the cold cold, that trembling body, my heart twitched. All the hairs on and off the skin were raised, and goose bumps rose suddenly. I asked my mother: "Mom, how long did you wait? Is it cold?" The trembling voice replied: "It's not cold, I didn't wait long." A casual smile on the face was slightly far-fetched and weak. Back home, looking at the pill on the table, all the doubts in my heart were answered. The pale face, the trance, and the forced smile, were replayed from the brain like a movie. . My mother returned to the room to rest. I was studying alone in the room, accompanied by quietness. I heard the crying from somewhere, the rain was getting bigger and bigger, and it was changed from the initial drizzle to downpour. At the moment, I pushed open the door of my mother's room and walked on tiptoe to sit by the bed. My mother who was asleep was still so tired and weak. But the expression was struggling, it seemed that the disease was fighting. "Don't feel uncomfortable, don't come to pick me up!" Looking at my mother's expression, I was entangled in my heart Wholesale Cigarettes, not something else is sad! I gently stretched her eyebrows and wiped away the two lines of tears on her face. The obvious corner of her mother's mouth rose slightly, and I remember that smile for a while. Yes, only when mother sleeps can she forget the pain and live comfortably. In the early morning of the next day, the smell of the past food awakened me from my sleep. Opening the hazy sleeping eyes is still the woman who is busy and happy every day with a bright smile, gentle eyes. "Mom, I'm so happy ..." That bright smile made me deeply satisfied. I was deeply satisfied. I like to observe the pure white clouds in the sky, I like to see the mysterious starry sky, until now I have found that I am more in love with my mother's bright smile, and the expression from pain to happiness Yes, the expression shows life . Life can change, so can expressions, from pain to happiness. This inexpressible expression world, and this sweet satisfaction will always be enjoyed
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