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Did you know that there are a wide variety green pest control strategies that you can employ as an alternative to relying on harsh Kailer Yamamoto Womens Jersey , chemically produced products? You can achieve surprisingly effective results by simply practicing preventative maintenance techniques, and by taking advantage of the various eco-friendly options which are provided to us by good old Mother Nature.

Biopesticides for instance, are the natural pest repellants found in plants, minerals, animals Mark Letestu Womens Jersey , and even certain forms of bacteria. Introducing or attracting the natural predators of your unwanted pests is also a highly effective way to control or eliminate a serious infestation. Green pest control is quickly becoming a popular form of taking care of unwanted bugs and rodents.

Preventative Maintenance

One of the most efficient green pest control techniques that you can take advantage of is also one of the simplest. You will be able to effectively achieve a home that is free of many irritating intruders, whether your concern is rodents, insects, bees, or any other number of invaders. You can do this by installing door sweeps and sealing up any holes or other entry points to your home.

This can be done with weather stripping Cam Talbot Womens Jersey , silicone, caulk, foam, or a fine screenmesh. Making sure that trash containers are properly sealed will prevent unwanted visitors from being attracted to your property. Check in and around your home for sources of stagnant water that act as a breeding ground for disease transmitting mosquitoes and other insects.

Proper pool and pond maintenance is also essential in controlling insect populations. Finally, make sure to trim back your trees and shrubs so that they do not act as insect and rodent superhighways that lead directly to your home or property.


You may already know about one other popular option which is essentially Milan Lucic Womens Jersey , a natural insecticide derived from lemon grass extract, known as citronella oil. Citronella oil is very effective for use against mosquitos, and it comes in a wide variety of forms and can be applied directly to the skin, or burned in a torch or candle.

They can also be used in a tablet or pellet form to protect recreational and outdoor areas. This is done by placing the tablets near gathering areas, or spreading the pellets around trees and shrubs on your property that may provide a natural habitat for these blood-sucking critters.

Another form of biopesticide that you may not necessarily know about are various fungi and bacteria. Most people get a little squeamish about this topic as there are many harmful types of fungi and bacteria Darnell Nurse Womens Jersey , like mold for instance, that can wreak all sorts of havoc wherever they may be found.

However, there are other types that can actually be an effective (and literal) form of green pest control. Certain lawn pest control products actually introduce fungi or bacteria into the soil, which produce spores that attach to insects and grow on their bodies producing a fungal infestation which eventually kills them.

One such product is called milky spore, or paenibacillus popilliae for those of you scientific types. Milky spore is commonly used to control Japanese beetle populations and is not harmful to other species or the environment. Green pest control is a great alternative to harsh chemicals.
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LV handbags are acknowledged for its timeless sophistication and functionality. From their latest assortment Ryan Strome Womens Jersey , the Neverfull GM is a monogram canvas bag fit for both company and pleasure. It is a large, flexible bag with a roomy inside which can fit most necessities these kinds of as company portfolios, make-up, card cases, devices and wallet. Every piece has been carefully believed out in purchase to accommodate most requirements such as the D-ring for attaching small zipped clutch for valuables and a large inside zip pocket which can carry a extended wallet or slim make-up circumstance. This LV handbag is manufactured with all-natural cowhide leather trimmings.

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