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03.03.2020 14:46
then sees to at five Zhang circle Antworten

Any elder brother!Come I respect you."The body robust Mang man carries big bowl of.
" Cow, come."Teng always any straightforwardly the station rise, after 2 people touch a bowl, direct 1 bowl drinks up.
"Any elder brother, today you son's green mountain but wanted to experience to investigate, do you have confidence to have no?"That' cow'smile an inquiry way.
"Certainly have."Teng any always stares.
The cow depress an orotund way:"I am that small Zai son, with your son together year old, I am to secretly once test my son, he is to raise 40 catties of sand bags.Ha ha, I remember any elder brother, you the result in 6-year-old time, is also raise 50 catties, this time, my son can perhaps be they together the age person win the most severe a."
At have no inside self-discipline vigorously inside the country villa of method, natural endowments and diligent degree, decision hereafter achieve.
Teng always any kid's period, the dint is big, plus diligence assiduous, and then beat iron all day long, just have thousand catties of huge dint at present.
The old clan is long'Teng cloud dragon'of grandson, the cousin of Teng green mountain'Teng green tiger', at at the age of 6 , but can raise 60 catties, at the age of 9 , raised 300 catties of megaliths more.This kind of natural endowments, than the Teng in those early years any is always stronger a raise.Inside the clan to Teng green tiger, send to hope very greatly.
"I son's green mountain he, edibled since the childhood, edible so, affirmative unlike your kid bad."Teng any always looks like confidence hundred percent.
Actually, Teng any heart bottom always deliver falsely, because of, he has never secretly once tested a Teng green mountain.
"Edible severe?"At bordered on the Teng green mountain on the table to see father Teng always any eye, in the heart but very easy.Because the cause of house boxing inside the form idea, the Teng green mountain has never expressed in parents' in front, as for investigate inside the clan this time, the Teng green mountain has no pressure at 1:00.
Is 3 years old to start producing inside the strength, arrive at present, did to approach for three years.
Plused to inherit the father's blood relationship, the born body character was also good, now this pair body of strength, absolutely make the owner dumbstruck.
"The father and mother thinks greatly of so and cans not make them disappoint, either."The Teng green mountain that has been concealing real strenght decides to reveal a little real strenght.
Because last night suddenly and violently snow, make to do the accumulated snow on Wu Chang deeply to be good enough to drown knee, however has been ascended trampling of 1000 people, have already become thick solid, top at will the Sa is some plant ash, how don't slip.
Is big year of today 30, the whole afternoon, Chuangs in the Teng house all sink to immerse at happiness in the middle.
The people's customs young tiger is fierce, nature, this joys celebrates of time, everyone started than the bow and arrow technical skill, had a competition to trip and fall down wrestle and had a competition gun Shu ……
The color of the sky is dusk, Teng green mountain and green rain of younger sister Teng , just in the crowd, round to looking at to trip and fall down technical skill.
"Add to chase a strength, black bear, don't give a small guy to vanquish!"
"Cousin, cousin!"Clear and crisp voice the green rain larynx ring out from the Teng.
The Teng green mountain sees the younger sister before the body, and then sees to at five Zhang circle the inner part trip and fall down 2 people of wrestle, these two people are the cousin of Teng green mountain respectively'Teng green tiger'and cousin'Teng green Hao', the Teng green Hao is a marksmanship teacher'Teng always Xiang'of son, have been 18 years old at present.
But the green tiger of cousin Teng, lead today, just 12 years old.
The Teng green tiger height is about seven Chinese feet(approach one meter 75, 1 Chinese foot is 25 Li rices), but Teng green Hao height seven the Chinese feet are 6 inches.(one meter nine)
It is 18 years old, have been already become adult.Is 12 years old, but can be regarded as a youth.
Teng green Hao, have'black bear'of nickname, be because his strength is very big, at and some time age very among the clansmen, the Teng green Hao about ranks the first.

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