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13.01.2020 10:05
Carlos Ghosn calls himself a "fugitive of injustice" Antworten

attack against two American bases in Iraq in retaliation for the US killing its top commander,
Online Cigarettes Store USA Qasem Soleimani, left no casualties. The US president appeared calm on Wednesday when he said in a news conference that no US lives were lost and that the bases attacked in Iraq suffered only minimal damage.

Donald Trump’s speech was seen as the end of major tensions between Iran and the US. In return, Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, declared a ceasefire in a tweet: “Iran took and concluded proportionate measures.”

Trump, meanwhile, has not been pursuing a war that could reduce his chances for re-election. Trump ordered Newport Cigarettes Shop the assassination of an immensely powerful military commander whose name rang fear in the region and among allies of the US. Perhaps none of them can publicly cheer Soleimani’s demise, but it goes without saying that privately they admired Trump for his action.

For a number of reasons, not least its military shortcomings, the Islamic Republic could never confront America head-on. As Cheap Newport 100s cigarettes a result, Iran decided to limit its attacks to the already vacated US bases in the same foreign country where its commander was assassinated. It has been reported that Iran informed US officials before the attack to make sure no American lives would be lost.

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