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 Erfahrungen mit der Polizei
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30.12.2019 10:12
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Peculiar and often forgotten state and municipal laws exist all over the country, Wausau officials say in their defense. On Online Cigarettes Store USA
this point, they are not wrong. It is illegal, for instance, to roller-skate on certain sidewalks in Farmington, Maine. In Oklahoma, anyone found “loitering about” and eavesdropping could be found guilty of a misdemeanor. For 72 years, yellow margarine could not be legally sold in Wisconsin.

In an effort to set the record straight on Wausau’s stance on snowballs, the Police Department not long ago made a video titled “What Exactly Is Our ‘Snowball’ Ordinance?” In the video, which the city posted online this month, Matt Barnes, the deputy chief, stood on a snowy lot while officers in knit caps cheerfully tossed Newport Cigarettes Shop snowballs at one another — and at him. (Barnes noted in the video that it happened to be 34 degrees, an ideal temperature, he said, for packing a snowball.)

As snowballs whizzed behind him, the mayor of Wausau, Robert Mielke, said that a “media source had mentioned that Wausau is not a fun city. That can’t be true.”

Barnes patiently recounted the facts: The ordinance was put in place for the safety of the community. The Wausau Cheap Newport 100s cigarettes Police Department has issued citations based on the ordinance fewer than a dozen times in the last 15 years. Only twice, he said, was it for snowballs being thrown — and in both incidents, the snowballs were being aimed at passing cars.

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