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The Proximity Card Offers Affordable Access Control Technology Articles | September 14 Cheap Belgium Soccer Jerseys , 2011
The modernization of technology improved the uses of identification cards. Now, it has many functions and more secured to use.

The proximity card really does offer affordable access control options for the interested business entrepreneur. Of course this little card does not deliver the opportunity for access control all by its lonesome but it is a major piece in the access control puzzle. The proximity card is a no larger than a typical credit card but this little piece of plastic can hold a ton of valuable information. Thanks to the advent of information technology these cards can be used for the enhancement of access control for many businesses and organizations around the world.

The proximity card or smart card as they are sometimes referred too are encoded with either an ISO magnetic stripe or a tiny little data chip that can hold the necessary information to monitor certain access control procedures. Various businesses and organizations are under constant threat of intrusion. Many have sensitive areas where access has to be controlled very tightly. There was a time not long ago when a lock and key or a security guard sufficed for this situation. However, times have changed and now access control can be managed with the use of a proximity card.

Who knew that one day a little piece of plastic could do so much? For those who seek to ensure access control these cards can come in very handy but like we mentioned earlier they are not alone. In order for these cards to do their job it is necessary for the business or organization to obtain an access control system. This would include a computer as a central point and card readers at entrances or exits that need to be controlled. The business leader can choose to have a magnetic stripe card or a data chip card or possibly even both. The magnetic stripe card would have to be swiped at the entrance of any sensitive area. If the card was encoded for entrance the door will open. If the card was not encoded for entrance then access will be denied.

If they are using the data chip card then it does not have to be swiped. Once the card comes within a certain distance from the reader access will be granted. These cards are excellent for these purposes. With so many business leaders producing their own proximity cards today it is easy for them to manage their own access control system. These cards can also be produced with counterfeit resistant covering that makes tampering virtually impossible. Combined with a photo id card, the proximity card is a useful multifunctional tool.

The proximity card is a marvel to be appreciated at a time when security and identification are so vital to our everyday life. Information technology will continue to change. Who knows what the future holds. For now however the proximity card is cutting edge technology that can be utilized for the purpose of access control and even attendance monitoring. It is vital that businesses and organizations everywhere have the capability to ensure access control. The proximity card and the access control system can help them get there.

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