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13.12.2019 08:52
inging "Tuk Tuk". This day, in the Antworten

I spent my childhood in my hometown in the country. There are dark green hills, old brick houses with black tiles, and grandma turning around the stove all day. There is always a circle of water vapor on the stove head, either thick or light; the water vapor always has a seductive smell, fragrant or spicy. All this permeated my life as a child and never dispersed. At that time, grandma didn't need gas to cook rice. She relied on a big iron wok on the stove. There is a tall pile of firewood near the stove, the firewood is very dry, and cracks have been exposed by the sun. Grandma said that this kind of wood burning is the most prosperous. There was a recessed hole next to the stove, and there was always a box of matches. The land father-in-law with white beard was always printed on the box, and the boy riding a bicycle. The rural people are smart. There is a not deep sink beside the big iron pot, and the waste heat of the stove can boil water. In the morning, when I ca n��t afford bed, my grandma will shout, "Get up quickly, the soup pot will be cold in late autumn. My brother and I will always go to the mountains to pick up the big and good chestnuts, and give them to the grandma. Cut a few holes into the chestnuts, put the tea oil in the hot large iron pot, slowly put the chestnuts, stir fry carefully, add a spoonful of sugar from time to time, and the large iron pot seems to have become An impatient and impatient old man, slowly warming the bright chestnuts. The fried chestnuts have a golden luster and are very attractive. Peel the hot chestnuts and put them in the mouth, soft and delicious, and fragrant Sweet New Year's Eve. The stove at home seems to have a new vitality. Grandma's figure around the stove is turning faster, and the sound of mother chopping vegetables is ringing "Tuk Tuk". This day, in the kitchen It's always smoky, and the mellow aroma of pig's head meat Marlboro Red, the spicy aroma of spicy fish, and the faint fragrance of wood burning at this time are the most comfortable for me. It is most comfortable to add firewood from time to time. I bring warmth, it seems that there are some New Year's celebrations Parliament Cigarettes, I take off my cotton shoes , Roasted by the fire, put on a while, I feel the whole person is hot and occasionally sitting alone in front of the window, I will think of the low room in my home, the black stove Cheap Cigarettes, and the smell of firewood. Prosperous; on the stove, water vapor lingers; outside the chimney, cooking smoke and all this, branded in my life, pure, moving, warm, long.
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