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Shortening the Life Cycle of Hemorrhoids Health Articles | July 15 Chris Conley Hat , 2018

A hemorrhoid can be a very embarrassing event in a person's life. It is a sore, agitated swelling in a sensitive, private area that we can't even see. Not that we'd want to Mitch Morse Hat , really. Having a hemorrhoid makes us feel vulnerable and embarrassed. But don't worry, hemorrhoids tend to go away on their own after about a week of discomfort and caring for yourself.

There is not a hemorrhoids "cure". There are certain things you can do to avoid getting them like eating a fibrous diet to avoid constipation and therefore straining to have bowel movements, not sitting or standing for long periods of time (this increases pressure on the anus blood vessels) Chris Jones Hat , and getting plenty of exercise.

However, some people can do all the right things but have a hereditary predisposition to getting hemorrhoids.

When you do get a hemorrhoid it is important to keep the area clean by using moistened wipes instead of rough toilet paper. Rough rubbing can cause the hemorrhoid to bleed if it is external.

If you have internal hemorrhoids, they can still bleed Travis Kelce Hat , however since they are inside your anus you can't irritate them with toilet paper. Internal hemorrhoids will still itch and burn like crazy so just because you can't feel a lump on the outside of your skin doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of it.

If the pain is unbearable or you are bleeding a lot or the hemorrhoid doesn't go away in a week you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor.

The best hemorrhoids cure is to stay fit and healthy to avoid them and if you do get them already taking these wellness measures will make it all the easier for you to nurture yourself back to being pain free.

There are many different treatments available for this condition including home remedies for hemorrhoids and over the counter remedies. In addition there is also surgery.

The failure of most hemorrhoid remedies is that they only treat the symptoms as and when they appear. Most fail completely to even take into account what has caused the hemorrhoids to form in the first place and therefore any "cure" will be short-lived as the cause of the hemorrhoids is still present.

Surgery is pretty much the same-you are dealing just with the symptoms rather than what is causing this unpleasant condition.

Good home remedies for hemorrhoids will teach you what is causing the hemorrhoids to appear in the first place and therefore allow you to take control and use preventative measures to stop recurrences.

If you have hemorrhoids at the moment and are looking for fast relief from the pain you are in, you could try the following simple home remedies for hemorrhoids

* Use some diluted witch hazel directly on to the hemorrhoids-allow it to dry naturally

* Take a warm, not hot bath

* Drink plenty of water as this will encourage the stools to remain soft

* Do not eat spicy foods as these can irritate the bowel

* Wear soft cotton underwear

* Use wet-wipes on the anal area after defecation and allow to dry naturally

* Ensure you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables as this will encourage softer stools

* Treat diarrhea and constipation promptly as both can cause and aggravate hemorrhoids

Over the counter creams and gels may also give some relief but they will only be a temporary measure and will not cure the hemorrhoids permanently.

Hemorrhoids respond very well to good natural treatments and they have been shown to be far more effective in treating the causes of hemorrhoids than surgery and over the counter medication.

Given the choice most people would prefer to use home remedies for hemorrhoids and fortunately Justin Houston Hat , this condition responds well to natural treatments-indeed good home remedies have been shown to be not only highly effective in curing the hemorrhoids which are present at the time but have been proven to stop the condition returning. Indeed the success rate for one particular home remedy is over 97%.

If you would like to see details of a natural hemorrhoid remedy which has a very high cure rate and get further useful information about this condition, you can find more on the link below. The remedy which I recommend comes with a huge number of testimonials from ex-sufferers plus there are endorsements from health professionals.

They commonly give up in the very first number of weeks, and much more usually than not Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Hat , are excellent, variety and very well intentioned persons who just didn’t achieve the objectives they set out for by themselves. Truthfully? They are in the minority…..but it does happen, and if it will help you to go through them Kareem Hunt Hat , then search them out and do so.

The bottom line?

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