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04.11.2019 03:41
I have to climb Antworten

I have to climb up step by step, waiting for the sun to look at its face quietly. The little sky has big dreams, the heavy shells are wrapped up and gently look up..." I have always disliked popular songs, always think that too At this time, Jay Chou's "Snail" completely touched me, just because there is also a dream in my heart, a desire for the future. When I first heard the word "dream" from my teacher's mouth. I have some doubts because I am used to linking "dreams" and "greatness". "Can I have great dreams too? "Of course, as long as you pay for it, as long as you believe in success." "The young biology teacher told me in a gentle tone. From then on, the dream and I seem to have never been separated, even though I am still a little child who doesn't understand anything. In the art class, I admire Van Gogh's peerlessness. The work - "Sunflower." When the golden sunflower blooms in front of the eyes into a gorgeous glare of the sun Marlboro Lights, I am fascinated with the genius who is ridiculed as a madman. I admire his painting art, too Sadly, he committed suicide for loneliness. In my heart, he has become a "god." "I want to be an artist like Van Gogh!" "Every time I was asked about my dreams, I always answered with confidence. With motivation, I began to be willing to trespass in the boring English practice, because I firmly believe: "The nine-story platform starts from the soil; Born in the end. "After all, dreams can be achieved without talking about it. It requires me to pay too much sweat and too much energy. However, in the road to my dreams, what do these pay for? Primary school junior high school exam The loss made me feel awkward, but I did not give up my dreams, or I continued to work hard, because I know that dreams are very important to me. Stanischi said: "No matter how difficult the road ahead, as long as there is faith, And dare to fight for the dream Marlboro Red, then the day of the dream will come to the end. At that time, the palaces we built, the holy bells came from high places, the dark clouds hanging over our heads were torn into pieces, and pearls and diamonds were scattered for us. "Oh, dreams are really wonderful things. They are more ethereal than ideals, more than fantasy reality; more than ideals, more than fantasy, and more importantly, dreams can inspire people. In fact, on the road of chasing dreams, not so much I am persistent, it is better to say that I am more self-willed. But I am a wayward child, only to fight for my dreams. Even if sometimes vulnerable, even if sometimes confused, I will not give up Maybe I can't become Van Gogh after all, maybe the end of success is still invisible, but just work hard. Don't let tears and cowardice soak today, with a smile like the sun, fan the wings full of dreams, go Chasing the "great" dream to yourself: Come on!

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