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31.10.2019 10:04
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Chinese President Xi Jinping’s endorsement of blockchain technology last week had many ripple effects.

It sent the cryptocurrency markets on a tear. It added weight to Zuckerberg’s words that if the US didn’t move ahead with
Online Cigarettes Store USA blockchain innovation, China would. And it sparked a debate over exactly how and what types of blockchain China would pursue.Of course, many people pointed out that China’s investments in blockchain technology would not mean its people would suddenly start using Bitcoin. Far from it, in fact. In a follow-up statement, Xi Jinping was quick to remind an excited crypto community that he was referring to blockchain, not Bitcoin.

As long-time trader, economist, and market analyst Alex Krüger pointed out, it’s far more likely that the China blockchain plans Newport Pleasure involve private chains to add additional layers of surveillance to people’s payments.

Think “control and surveillance, not freedom and privacy”, he said.

However, others maintain that it’s impossible to separate blockchain and Bitcoin. The two technologies go hand in hand. Therefore, any use or mention of blockchain will inevitably lead people to Bitcoin in the end. Hence the market pump.

Exactly how China plans to implement blockchain technology remains to be seen. But what cannot be disputed is the fact that the country is taking it very seriously indeed.

From Chinese banks being encouraged to incorporate blockchain technology for digital finance to new legislation on cryptography,Newport box 100s cigarettes it’s clear that Xi Jinping’s words are already being put into action.

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