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Insomnia Causes Health Articles | June 10 Jackie Bradley Jr FlexBase Jersey , 2010
Losing sleep at night can have dramatic effects on your daytime activities. By investigating the causes for your insomnia you can get a grip on your nightrest.

Insomnia is a prolonged inability to get adequate sleep. Occasional sleeplessness is harmless. The human body can refresh itself with a good nap. Long term recurring insomnia causes an imbalance in overall health and can lead to problems such as diabetes, hypertension, depression and obesity.


Caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea and cola drinks consumed in the late afternoon or evening are major insomnia causes. Caffeine is a heart and brain stimulant and will keep metabolism at a higher rate when it should be slowing down in preparation for sleep. Tobacco products are also heart and brain stimulants with the same effects. Alcohol is a sedative so it will help start sleep but it deprives users of their deeper dreaming sleep stages. These stages are what rests and refreshes the human body. The lack of it will leave people feeling tired Dustin Pedroia FlexBase Jersey , listless and groggy, even if they slept for 10 to 12 hours.

Stress and Depression

Concerns about family members, work and co-workers, finances and health can stress people out. If this stress continues for more than 2 weeks David Price FlexBase Jersey , it can lead to depression. People suffering from either condition can lie awake at night or even wake up at night worrying about the future of these concerns. Stress and depression cause diminished concentration and ability to handle life's challenges. Since these conditions can endanger the person with the symptoms and their families, friends and coworkers, prompt and intense treatment is needed.

Medication and Health Problems

The pain associated with chronic problems such as back injuries, breathing problems like asthma or emphysema and arthritis can make falling asleep difficult. Worse still Xander Bogaerts FlexBase Jersey , these conditions can cause patients to wake up frequently in the night. This will lead to light sleeping and not getting enough deep sleeping which is required for dreaming. See the effects of alcohol on dreaming in the paragraph on stimulants. Health care providers who treat these conditions know they are insomnia causes and can offer treatment regimes to counteract them.


Insomnia is not a disease on its own. It is a symptom of other health problems. More active monitoring and maintenance of physical and emotional health can eliminate many insomnia causes. More exercise, more balanced meals, fewer stimulants and more relaxation will alleviate many insomnia problems. If these do not work, professional medical advice should be sought.
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