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20.09.2019 04:36
The snow owls faded Antworten

The snow owls faded at first, and the rain continued to rise, and one side of the sky was clear, and one side of the rain was rewarded; the umbrella was walking Marlboro Lights, the thoughts were repeated, and the eyebrows were wet, accompanied by a feeling of love. In the midst of the half-city smoke and rain, the river willows will be foggy, the branches will appear spring, and the pavilions and pavilions will be like paintings. The bluestone road at the foot is slightly slippery. Extremely far-sighted Cigarettes Online, the distant mountains and green waters are like the ink paintings of the ink, like a beautiful ink painting. "People walk in the rain, but they seem to draw in the middle." I smiled softly. Hold a simple lattice umbrella and walk through the small curtains between the rain curtains. Occasionally turn the handle of the umbrella, let the raindrops fly around, feel the poetry and coolness that the rain brings to me. "Supporting the oil paper umbrella, the bluestone slabs drip dripping, dripping alone, long and lonely rain alley." Like a clear and sad dream. The rain on the strings "The rain is sticky here, sticking to the love of the passengers, the rain is here to become a string, and we are lingering in the world." The clear raindrops drip on the umbrella surface, like "big beads beads falling jade The plate, and then gently stroking the umbrella surface, down the road, became a number of beautiful arcs. There is no rain in the summer, the spectacular scenery of flying flowers and jade; there is no rain in the autumn and autumn, and the autumn waters shine. In this cold light and shadow, the rain quietly said from time to time, and sometimes the slow dance, gradually washed away the block of the heart, as if washing away the dirt in the heart, only stop, listen to the rain on the melody, from the heart Slow down. The rain on the strings, that is the most beautiful voice; the rain is the period, that is the most beautiful agreement. The warmth in the rain was a rain, but I didn��t appreciate it at this time. The rain was not cut off. Just forgot to bring my umbrella, I was anxiously squatting under the roof of my house. I want to come to my mother at this time and I am afraid to look for me everywhere. Seeing that the sky is getting darker, the rain is like a broken bead, until it is scattered on the ground. Passers-by are in a hurry, no time to care for the helplessness of the eaves, I think my mother's anxious look, heart, I strode into the rain, and the rain quickly flowed into the clothes from the hairline, although the rain in early spring is not as cold as winter rain. It was biting, but it was enough to make me chill, I frowned and could not help but speed up. "Wait a minute!" Suddenly a strong hand held me, almost fell because of a cockroach. An umbrella shrouded my sky, and a crisp voice called me: "Let's go!" I turned back subconsciously, a strange and delicate face. She smiled at me, the clear eyes were like water. bright and clean. She handed me a facial tissue, I hesitated, and then released: "Thank you!" She gently shook her head along the way, the umbrella always tilted to me intentionally or unintentionally, waiting for me to get home, her shoulders are wet Throughout, my heart was not willing to go, the mother called an anxious call, I should be with, and then turned, the handsome figure has disappeared into the rain curtain Online Cigarettes. The rain and the rain clear the lane, looking through the spring water, the warmth in the rain, is the most beautiful shine. The scenery in the rain, the poetry is full of profit; the sound of the rain is on the strings, the sound of the piano is relieved; the truth is said to wash the soul.

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