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28.06.2018 15:27
Tuning Problems Antworten


Ive been playing trumpet (on and off) for around 7 years. Recently, ive been practising more and devoting more time for music, joining more ensembles etc. Ive noticed that i do have a tuning problem. Whenever i play beside another trumpet player, i feel that im always out of tune. I reckon the problem lies with me because it happens no matter who i sit beside with. I begin practising with a tuner. Play a Concert Bb, in tune, mouthpiece away from my chops. I put it back and play and it's out of tune again. Everytime i start a note, it's a different tuning.I identify this tuning problem that im facing could be due to 3 reasons. 1st, my emborchure is weak. 2nd, my attack is inconsistent and lastly, bec MY EAR SUCK.This is also perhaps i m not able to hear the note that i want to play and the "center of the pitch" problem.Anyone ever encounter tuning problems as serious as well and managed to curb it? I would appreciate if someone provides some solutions for me on how to improve my tuning.

Please help.

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